“Above the Trend Line” – Your Industry Rumor Central

AI has transformed industries like manufacturing and agriculture, but that doesn’t mean that the buzz of AI will continue in 2019,” said Darin Archer, CMO at Elastic Path.

“The joke going around Silicon Valley is that you’ll now get kicked out of a pitch if you bring up AI because it’s such overused hyperbole. The reality is that much of the hype is unachievable by the vast majority of organizations. There’s a limited talent pool of data scientists and they get scooped up by the tech giants. You also need massive amounts of richly codified training data, which is impossible for most organizations. They can barely connect data about their consumers across channels. Most of the AI buzz from software companies like IBM and Salesforce amounts to no more than the evolution in ‘natural language processing.’ We now excel at text-to-speech and speech-to-text, but what we do with that content once wonderfully transcribed from voice still needs to be developed. I think AI is dead until we refocus on the purpose of the technology, and how it can improve specific functions like customer experience or software. Or at least we’ll stop talking about it with empty statements and start talking about business problems and business outcomes again. I hope.”