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Feb 21, 2024 | 6 minute read

Bring a Composable Solution to Life Faster Than Ever Before With Elastic Path Pre-Integrated Store

written by Seamus Roddy

Every day, we talk to brands who want to launch or expand a composable commerce solution, but have concerns about time, cost, and development hours.

Today, we introduce to those brands and the broader market a new composable commerce accelerator: Elastic Path Pre-Integrated Store.

The Pre-Integrated Store leverages our family of modular, composable products, provides two frontend options, and is pre-integrated with industry-leading vendors such as Algolia, Twilio Segment, and Klaviyo.

What does that mean in practice? Ease, speed, and flexibility to solve business problems and deliver results fast. How fast? Our implementation package, Commerce Essentials, enables a 90 day go live for your Pre-Integrated Store.

With the Pre-Integrated Store, you can test new commerce ideas and initiatives without disrupting your current solution.

Use a Pre-Integrated Store to test a fully-composable solution in a new region, for a specific business model, or to support a sub-brand – no replatform or tech migration required. The Pre-Integrated Store is scalable. When your store drives conversions and revenue, its underlying flexible architecture means you can expand it to other parts of your business – meaning that your commerce initiatives are based on real testing, real data, and real results.

However you use it, the Pre-Integrated Store is built to…

  • Drive conversions, revenue, and business value faster than ever before.
  • Meet business challenges with a flexible, business user-friendly interface.
  • Harness the power of API-first technology to deliver extraordinary shopping experiences – without huge project costs and bloated timelines.

Want to see a Pre-Integrated Store in action? Try the interactive Pre-Integrated Store demo today to see our best-in-class, pre-configured solution.

Read on to learn more about how our Pre-Integrated Store unlocks the benefits of composable commerce, lives up to the promise of the Unplatform™, and can bring your brand’s unique commerce vision to life.

The Problem: Going composable hasn’t always been easy

Composable commerce offers brands the ability to use multiple best-of-breed technologies to deliver first-class commerce experiences. But we’ve heard that getting a composable solution live comes with challenges, including:

  • The stress and complications of selecting, building, and managing a multi-vendor, best-of-breed solution
  • Business teams’ growing – and debilitating – reliance on IT
  • Large (and sometimes unanticipated) project costs
  • Long timelines, frequent delays, and painful implementation

At Elastic Path, we are committed to making composable commerce accessible to all brands, and today have introduced a new composable accelerator.

The Solution: Unlock the benefits of composable commerce fast with our Pre-Integrated Store

Our Pre-Integrated Store is designed to help brands and commerce innovators get composable experiences up and running fast. Watch the demo below.

The first step is choosing one of two frontend options: Elastic Path CX Studio or Elastic Path Composable Frontend.

CX Studio offers a rich page builder experience that empowers merchandisers and marketers with A/B testing, shoppable landing pages, first-party analytics, data-driven personalization, dozens of one-click integrations, and SEO tools and tracking.

Composable Frontend is a fully loaded Next.js application that consists of a React-based storefront and modern command-line interface (CLI). The CLI quickly generates a lightning-fast site without sacrificing your developers’ freedom and control to customize for unique commerce needs. Click here to see a demo in which a developer creates an online store using Composable Frontend in minutes.

Along with a choice of frontend, a Pre-Integrated Store is pre-wired with industry-leading vendors. Algolia for search, Twilio Segment for first-party data, Klaviyo for email – you don’t have to worry about selecting or managing vendors. What you need is built and ready to use.

Adding additional third-party vendors and managing your Pre-Integrated Store isn’t overwhelming, because our commerce-intelligent iPaaS, Elastic Path Composer, is included.

Need integrations to meet specific requirements? Enjoy instant-on, no-code commerce integrations from Composer’s Integrations Hub. Composer also includes a Monitor capability that alerts you if an integration stops working, which saves you time and money and allows you to operate a multi-vendor commerce solution with confidence.

Along with Composer, the Pre-Integrated Store includes the full suite of Elastic Path Composable Commerce products. That means you can…

Other Elastic Path capabilities, such as cart and checkout, account management, and order management, are also pre-built into the Pre-Integrated Store.

For brands looking for implementation support, our implementation package, Commerce Essentials, enables a 90 day launch of your Pre-Integrated Store. With Commerce Essentials, you get a first-class, pre-integrated, highly configurable solution that hits the market and drives real business value fast.

Pre-Integrated Store and The Unplatform

The Pre-Integrated Store reflects and contributes to Elastic Path’s commitment to the Unplatform.

The Unplatform is a flexible approach that includes modular, standalone products and a connective framework. By Unplatforming, you can solve business challenges one at a time, without a replatform, and with the assurance that your multi-vendor components work together as a cohesive solution.

Launching a Pre-Integrated Store helps make the Unplatform a reality. For example, your brand may use Salesforce Commerce Cloud or Magento or Shopify as a commerce engine. Traditionally, you were locked into those providers’ functionalities – or forced to undergo a long and costly replatform. Now, you can use the Pre-Integrated Store to quickly launch a satellite store catered to a specific geography or business line that has unique requirements.

Getting access to specific capabilities – dynamic bundling, multi-geo support, data-driven personalization – doesn’t have to mean spending millions of dollars and disrupting the commerce solution you rely on today. With the Pre-Integrated Store, your customers get exceptional experiences, your merchandisers, marketers, and developers get control of your commerce, and your business drives revenue fast.

Want to talk to a commerce expert? Talk to one of our consultants about your brand’s commerce innovation wishlist – and how a Pre-Integrated Store could help.

Launch Quickly With Our Accelerator

Our Pre-Integrated Store is a turn-key online store pre-loaded with our family of modular, composable products, two frontend options, and pre-built integrations with industry-leading vendors.