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Explore Elastic Path Commerce Cloud in action with a collection of demos from commerce functionality to omni-channel experiences.

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Easily Launch Unlimited Product Catalogues 

Create unlimited catalogues for different accounts, regions, or touch points by decoupling products, price books hierarchies, and catalogues with Product Content Management. [See below for a full, in-depth demo].

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Elastic Path Features & Use Cases



[Time: 24:08]

Manage Catalogues Seamlessly

Dive more in-depth into the Elastic Path Product Content Management features with this comprehensive demo.


[Time: 3:09]

Make Any Site Transactional 

With our ShopKit shopping cart plugin, you can commerce-enable any site with just three lines of code.


[Time: 1:58]

Launch A Sub-Brand

Meet your unique business needs by quickly deploying and customizing unlimited storefronts with endless products & catalogues.


[Time: 3:26]

Manage Promotions

Discover how easy it is to set up promotions with Elastic Path. Customize your promotion type, currency, start and end dates, and more!


[Time: 4:50]

Manage Users & Accounts

Ensure your business runs smoothly with built-in account management and Roles-Based Access Control functionality.


[Time: 2:36]

Localize Any Site 

Connect with customers where they are, with support for multiple languages, currencies, payments, and translations.


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[Time: 1:23]

Optimize Search 

Give customers a best-of-breed search experience with integrations to multiple search providers including Algolia and Coveo.

[Time: 1:14]

Launch Mobile Checkout

Rapidly launch omni-channel experiences that drive in-store revenue. 

[Time: 3:54]

Sell Custom Products

Visualize one-of-a-kind products with configurators for your complex product offerings.



[Time: 6:09]

Power Conversational Commerce

Commerce enable your chatbot to provide customers with a frictionless shopping experience.


[Time: 3:31]

Enable In-Game Commerce

Discover how to make any moment shoppable with a demo on enabling in-game commerce.



Pre-Composed Solutions & Partner Integrations

Pre-Composed Solutions seamlessly integrate Elastic Path functionality, third party technologies, and customizations so you can get-to-market fast.  Or, for those who want to custom compose their unique multi-vendor solution, partner integrations kickstart the process. 

Pre-Composed Solutions 



[Time: 27:23]

Pre-Composed Solution for B2B Commerce

Rapidly launch complex B2B experiences with advanced quoting, account management, subscriptions, complex catalog support, role-based access and more.


[Time: 3:54]

Pre-Composed Solutions for D2C Commerce

Six ready-to-launch solutions that pre-integrate Elastic Path with Amplience, Algolia, Dynamic Yield, Segment and Google Analytics.


[Time: 29:32]

Pre-Composed Solution for D2C Web

Dive more in-depth into our Pre-Composed Solution for D2C web commerce built in partnership with MyPlanet. Discover how to quickly launch or expand your D2C business.

Partner Integrations



[Time: 2:37]

Acquia DXP Integration

Deliver a personalized content-first experience across every digital commerce-enabled channel with the Elastic Path integration with Acquia.


[Time: 6:10]

Salsify PIM Integration 

Seamlessly integrate with leading PIM provider, Salsify, to easily import and enrich product data. 


[Time: 4:38]

Preferred Search Integration

Learn how Perficient’s Handshake framework allows you to switch rapidly search engines.



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