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Decker's Brands

Deckers Brands 

Deckers Brands, a leading performance lifestyle brand was looking to strengthen its presence in a non-traditional retail space starting with improving the customer experience for its pop-up stores.

The brand was not ready to invest in re-platforming but needed to stand something up, fast. With a goal to simplify the buying process by mirroring the online experience. Customers can now use their own phone in-store to scan products, add to cart, and check-out.

With Elastic Path Commerce Cloud, Deckers Brands is able to increase the speed of in-store check-out, resulting in a better buying experience and improved employee to customer engagement. In addition to unlocking a new revenue stream, the new architecture provided improved reporting abilities. With the implementation of a new integration to their CRM, they are now able to see the ROI in real-time which directly influences future investments.

Pella Windows & Doors

Pella, a leading brand in premium window and doors came to Elastic Path looking for a solution to develop an online revenue stream to continue to adapt and evolve their business.

After a failed implementation with another commerce provider, Pella was suffering from never-ending configurations to launch a single project.

Elastic Path supported Pella in enabling three very different use-cases, fast. The first was a basic B2C model, enabling customers to select products and place orders online. The second was a complex B2C model, where Pella was looking to bring the at-home project experience online. Customers can now start their window or door project online, request samples, and a salesperson will come to their home with the requested samples, walk through the consultation, and complete the purchase on-site. This reduces cart abandonment and elevates the customer journey. Last, but not least, a large part of Pella's business is focused on new construction. Elastic Path solved for a complex buying process for high-volume orders and incorporated a vendor portal that enables the end-user to place large orders online.

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reMarkable: Multiple currencies & payment options

The reMarkable team are true innovators and are the first company to create a digital notepad that feels like real paper. reMarkable launched a full-fledged commerce experience and migrated from a pre-order platform to Elastic Path Commerce Cloud in under 8 weeks with 1 frontend developer. reMarkable developed a modern, tailored React application on top of the Elastic Path APIs that seamlessly integrated with their fulfillment engine. reMarkable has continued to iterate and evolve the customer experience by offering new currencies, payment methods and product lines.

Johnstone Supply Case Study

“We chose Elastic Path for its flexibility. With our business, we had a need to create multiple catalogs, so that was one of the driving factors. Also, speed was a factor. We needed to do something very quickly, so the speed and some of the capabilities of Elastic Path was very appealing to us at that time.”

- Brian Klaus, Director of Ecommerce, Johnstone Supply

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MedImpact: From Zero to Live in 4 Weeks

“Implementing headless commerce for this project was straightforward and efficient. Through our partnership with Elastic Path, America’s Pharmacy was set up for long-term success in just four weeks.”

-Raj Ramaswamy, Director of Technology at MedImpact

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Stance: Seamless in-store self-checkout

Stance wanted to eliminate lines with their self-checkout experience, allowing guests to skip the line and check out using their own smart phone, no app required.

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City Row: Taking the rowing workout to the next level

City Row created the industry-leading, custom rower to elevate their customers' workout experience. Paired with the City Row mobile application and subscription service they enable customers to experience classes catering to every fitness level from the comfort of their own home. City Row are expanding into physical locations with a franchise model and a class booking system.

Mimeo Photos: seamless checkout

Mimeo Photos offers a streamlined, integrated shopping experience through their native macOS application. This enables their customers to purchase customized products directly from the desktop without having to upload photos via a web interface

Mimeo Photos
Avicanna: Scientific CBD pioneers

With the explosive growth of the CBD industry, Avicanna gets out a head by leveraging Elastic Path Commerce Cloud as their commerce engine paired with fit for purpose business rules to securely and legally sell CBD products in accordance with state and federal law.

Enable the Label Case Study

"The headless approach Elastic Path Commerce Cloud provides unmatched flexibility and is very easy to scale and integrate with other services. That’s what makes Elastic Path Commerce Cloud a great building block for any eCommerce project in my opinion."

-Matt Hamers, Web Developer at Enable the Label

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Würth Louis & Company Case Study

When the company decided to launch its first website, it used the Elastic Path Commerce platform to establish an online presence by digitizing business transactions and enabling 24x7 ordering. Even so, most of its customers still do business over the phone, with sales reps using the web site on behalf of their customers.

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Larusmiani Case Study

Transforming intimacy and customer-centricity of in-store to personalized customer experience online.

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AIMIA Case Study

“Unconditional spectacular success. Everybody from top to bottom on the business-side is ecstatic.”

-Sean Burke-Gaffney, Web Development Manager, Aeroplan.

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Swisscom Case Study

The company chose Elastic Path Commerce for its new commerce platform and customer experience architecture. Swisscom put together a single team to shepherd the company from the old world to the new, taking a step-by step approach to dismantling its monolithic legacy system.

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The Business Journals: Digital and print publications at scale

Serving over 43 different markets with a rapidly growing library of unique publications, The Business Journals required an eCommerce solution that seamlessly integrated with their publication software & subscription billing service.

Zenhomes: Taking the pain out of property management

Zenhomes leveraged Elastic Path Commerce Cloud to develop a B2B one-stop-shop for private landlords and property managers. Their platform sells services, digital documents and templates to make property & tenant management easy and smart.

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Buying farming equipment online or in bulk has never been easier. By leveraging Elastic Path Commerce Cloud, Agridepot is able to easily handle bulk pricing and discounts to accelerate their business.

Buying farming equipment online or in bulk has never been easier. By leveraging Elastic Path Commerce Cloud, Agridepot is able to easily handle bulk pricing and discounts to accelerate their business.