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Innovative marketing tests and simple, effective site management for a global employee stipend software provider.

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We have a variety of assets, such as our calculator page and eBook downloads, that we've created to generate MQLs. CX Studio makes it easy for us to embed these lead magnets throughout our site and test whether they’re working. Using CX Studio isn’t just about building a site – it’s about optimizing that site to generate leads and win business.

compt logoSarah Bedrick CMO

A site powered by CX Studio

Compt needed to build and maintain a website that attracts a global clientele of HR professionals and generates traffic, demo requests, and new business. Having a fast, informative website and high-converting landing pages is essential – which is why Compt uses Elastic Path CX Studio.

Since 2019, Compt has used CX Studio to power its homepage, demo page, product pages, blog, and landing pages, in addition to other parts of the site. Sarah Bedrick, CMO at Compt, says that Compt’s considerations when choosing a platform to power its website included:

  • Getting up-and-running fast
  • Having an available integration with Hubspot
  • Spending no developer team to go live
  • Enjoying a cost-efficient solution

“CX Studio delivered on all fronts then and has continued to in the years since,” said Sarah.

Having built many websites on many platforms, I find building on CX Studio to be refreshing. CX Studio is the easiest CMS I've ever used and gives me access to the tools every marketer needs. I'd recommend CX Studio to any company – from startup to scale-up – that needs to build and maintain a high-performing, conversion-boosting site.

compt logoSarah Bedrick CMO

Sarah says that over the years, her team has found CX Studio’s drag-and-drop no-code visual editor integral to implementing site changes quickly. She gives CX Studio’s easy, intuitive user experience much of the credit for keeping Compt’s site design modern-looking and accessible.

In addition to the fully-hosted frontend-as-a-service, Compt has enjoyed other CX Studio capabilities, including dynamic content, a no-code visual editor, A/B testing, and media and content management.

Those capabilities have helped make Compt’s website a lead generator, as the marketing team is able to make data-driven decisions about content placement and structure.

We used CX Studio to test the copy on our request-a-demo landing page. The test showed a 9.4% conversion rate for version A and a 16.7% conversion rate for version B. When we needed to decide on the final copy, we had clear, specific data to help us make a conversion-boosting decision for version B.

compt logoSarah Bedrick CMO

Across its site, Compt uses CX Studio to run A/B tests on CTA button placement, copy, and other components. Those A/B tests often go live in less than 10 minutes. Compt also uses CX Studio’s no-code editor to embed lead magnets, such as eBooks, throughout the site. Sarah says that even for members of her team without site building experience, it is easy to embed and test lead magnets, CTAs, and other site components – and simple to test all of them. The result is a high volume of marketing tests that yield valuable insights and drive site decision making for her team.

“The marketing team loves the ability to quickly and easily implement A/B tests across our site. Our marketers don’t have to have a technical background or spend hours with our development team to optimize a large number of web and landing pages so we get more product demo requests,” Sarah says.

The Compt Blog

Over the past year, Compt’s blog has become increasingly important to generating brand awareness and demo sign-ups. Michelle Fayssoux, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Compt, says that CX Studio’s capabilities have helped her and the marketing team grow and get value from Compt’s blog.

As a one-of-a-kind HR software, it’s important for us to have a blog that helps us educate prospects about our unique solution. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to consuming information, so we wanted to be able to incorporate videos and downloadable assets into our website content. CX Studio’s no-code visual editor and media and content management features allow us to run a blog that highlights the power of our HR software.

compt logoMichelle Fayssoux Sr. Content Marketing Manager

Michelle says that Compt attracts visits from thousands of HR-related searches, driving substantial business. She attributes much of Compt’s strong organic search performance to the ability to publish a high-volume of blog content fast on CX Studio.

Ease of use and the ability to get content live fast is a hallmark of CX Studio. Michelle joined Compt in 2023 without CX Studio experience and says that within hours she was able to “publish content aggressively” and implement new ideas – which was a departure from her experience with previous publishing tools.

“Every marketer probably has experience with WordPress. Even though there’s lots of custom functionality, it is a really complex platform,” Michelle says. “Working with a CMS like CX Studio is refreshing. When anyone on our team has an idea, we can go into the system, click a couple of buttons, and make that idea come to life right away.”

Michelle, who has substantial SEO experience, also says that CX Studio “isn’t clunky like other platforms,” which maintains Compt’s fast site speed even with videos, downloadable assets, and other multimedia content being embedded in the blog and throughout the site.

While other brands saw sustained declines in organic traffic over the past year, Compt’s organic blog performance has improved every quarter. That traffic surge has helped expand Compt’s audience and prospects from strictly HR professionals to a wider set of business decision makers, including CFOs and finance leads, who are demoing the solution and providing Compt business.

When I first joined Compt, I started publishing new content right away – it took me only about one hour to learn how to publish a landing page. As a marketer, you want to move fast and do work that drives value – CX Studio gives our team the tools to make that happen.

compt logoMichelle Fayssoux Sr. Content Marketing Manager

Special calculators and dynamic content

Compt touts its software as a revolution in employee benefits. Having a site that lives up to the unique, business-specific HR needs of Compt’s customers requires dynamic web content and engaging experiences.

It’s harder than ever before to get people’s attention. CX Studio allows us to create engaging and dynamic web content. Whether people want to read text or watch a short video or view a carousel, they can do it on our site. Our team can build those experiences fast and without code or extensive training so we can get and keep prospects’ attention.

compt logoMichelle Fayssoux Sr. Content Marketing Manager

One of the primary ways Compt’s site is set up for dynamic content is through HR calculators. These calculators are designed to offer a personalized, information-rich experience for site visitors – and to collect leads for Compt’s sales team.

A prominent example comes from Compt’s employee retention rate calculator. The retention rate calculator page gives visitors to Compt’s site a quick-and-easy, dynamic tool to calculate their company’s retention rate.

In addition to its dynamic display, the retention rate calculator is SEO-optimized to appear in relevant search results. Part of that SEO optimization includes a frequently asked question section, which directly addresses common queries about employee retention.

By having the retention rate calculator live on its site, Compt establishes its expertise in a major HR topic, offers a dynamic user experience, and creates a magnet for incoming leads, with A/B optimized CTAs to downloadable content also living on the page.

Getting the calculator live on the site doesn’t require hours of development work or stretch the bandwidth of Compt’s five-person marketing team.

Instead, Compt’s team uses CX Studio to embed custom code in a matter of clicks and seconds, as seen below.

One more click to publish, and the page is ready for prospects. The process is so simple, user friendly, and valuable for the business that Compt offers other HR calculators on its site, including a cost of employee turnover calculator that supports six custom fields.

Lightning fast customer success and a responsive website platform

Compt’s experience with CX Studio isn’t limited to the technical capabilities of the product. Sarah and Michelle pointed to Elastic Path’s commitment to customer success and ability to offer new features and capabilities that fit Compt’s needs as reasons to stick with CX Studio in the years to come.

Our partnership with Rubens helps CX Studio evolve – he relays our feedback to the Elastic Path team and the platform gets better at meeting our needs. We share suggestions for new features and capabilities, and they come to life. It means so much to have Rubens as an advocate.

Michelle Fayssoux Sr. Content Marketing Manager

Michelle says that when she reaches out to Elastic Path Customer Success Manager Rubens Ferner, she gets responses within hours, and gets on with marketing work that contributes to Compt’s bottom-line.

“Recently, I was trying to figure out how to add some new functionality to our pages. I asked Rubens for help, and in less than 20 minutes he sent me a Loom video with detailed instructions,” says Michelle.

That on-the-ground customer support from Rubens includes delivering feedback and requests from Compt to the Elastic Path team. Michelle says it makes CX Studio feel like “a living product” – one built for any brand that needs to build and maintain a high-performing, conversion-boosting site, but that reflects and adapts to Compt’s unique needs.

The customer support with Elastic Path and CX Studio has been excellent. We’ve worked closely with Rubens whenever we have a question or suggestions for a new feature. He has been incredibly responsive and doesn’t hesitate to relay our feedback to the engineering and product team.

compt logoSarah Bedrick CMO

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