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Built on the foundations of composable commerce, the Unplatform™ is a flexible approach that empowers teams to solve business challenges, one at a time - no painful replatform required.

Unplatforming vs. Replatforming

What's the difference between Unplatforming and Replatforming?

Replatforming is a technology project in which you replace your entire platform. It's long, expensive, and arduous. 70% of replatforming projects are abandoned, and the business value of replatforming is only clear once your entire solution has been overhauled.

Unplatforming is a business project that leverages modular, composable products to solve specific commerce challenges, piece-by-piece, as required by the business. Unplatforming is less costly and lengthy, as you deploy and measure the impact of individual components before making new additions. Unplatforming is about testing and optimizing your commerce solution over time, and driving growth and business value, fast.

How Elastic Path Enables Unplatforming

The Unplatform is made up of modular products and a connective framework. The result is total commerce flexibility and a cohesive, high-performing solution that drives conversions and revenue.

What an Unplatform Looks Like in Practice

Pella, a windows and doors company, Unplatformed to give their customers the ability to configure, design, and purchase custom windows and doors online. This commerce innovator unlocked commerce innovation over time, under budget, and without a rip-and-replace replatform.

Why Unplatforming is the Future of Commerce

Today, your commerce needs to flexible, agile, and bring value fast. Unplatforming represents the end of the commerce platform and the beginning of a world where businesses use modular technology to solve specific pain points and make smart, stress-tested commerce investments. We call the Unplatform the "third wave" of commerce - one built upon choice, control, and innovation.

The Unplatform and Composable Commerce

The Unplatform is built on the foundations of composable commerce, an approach that empowers business and tech teams with the agility and speed to pursue commerce innovation. With composable commerce, brands use API-first, best-of-breed technologies to meet their unique business needs.

Unplatforming saves thousands of hours in development dollars and turbocharges commerce innovation

One brand wanted to go from one market to 12 markets in 18 months. The brand's current commerce platform, Magento, said that would take years. We were able to get them live in the first new market in one week. Watch to see how the Unplatform helps you launch new commerce experiences and drive revenue fast, with no replatform required.

Want to learn more about Unplatforming?

Learn why we invented the Unplatform, how to break up with a monolithic solution over time, and why the biggest obstacle to commerce innovation is not knowing how to get started.

What could Unplatforming mean for your business?

Talk to an expert to learn how Elastic Path can help your brand Unplatform and unlock commerce success.

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