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Sep 18, 2023 | 6 minute read

Elastic Path Composable Commerce: Delivering On the Vision of Unplatforming

written by Bryan House

The commerce landscape is undergoing a seismic shift, with our customers increasingly focused on their jobs to be done and favoring easy-to-use modular solutions over complex, comprehensive platforms. The opportunity to respond to this dynamic lies in meeting brands where they are and helping them solve problems effectively.

The fact is, no one wants to embark on a replatforming project. It’s an exceptionally long, multi-stakeholder procurement process all to merely arrive at the starting point of a complicated implementation effort – just to get to the launch of a new digital commerce storefront. Given the inherent complexity, we often see prospective customers wait until they literally have a burning platform problem before they invest in commerce innovation. It’s the reason we still see customers running end of life products like ATG.

The alternative approach is also filled with complexity. Many brands ARE eager to innovate, but today’s composable solutions are daunting, time-consuming, and expensive. The time has come to simplify and de-risk the adoption of composable commerce. Enter: the Unplatform™, a commerce architecture comprised of independent products bound together by a connective framework.

Recently, we announced Elastic Path Composable Commerce, a fully modular family of products that can work seamlessly together or independently to address digital commerce pain points and create innovative experiences. Elastic Path's unique approach enables brands to add commerce capabilities on top of their existing platform, empowering them to Unplatform and focus on initiatives that drive business growth instead of expensive, multi-year technology projects.

By working with prospects and customers to help them start addressing specific pain points with exceptional standalone products, we accelerate value realization and customer satisfaction. Most importantly, removing the replatform barrier typically required when adopting new technologies in the digital commerce space, we can empower more organizations to innovate their commerce experiences and drive real business value.

Our customer Pella Windows & Doors is a wonderful example of a brand who embraced Unplatforming with Elastic Path Composable Commerce to solve their specific business needs. Pella came to Elastic Path in search of a flexible cart & checkout solution that could meet their ambition to power complex D2C checkout flows for completely customized, high value items - windows & doors. After successfully implementing and scaling their checkout experience without a complex replatform, Pella is now working with Elastic Path to expand and optimize their business even further. Using Product Experience Manager, Pella can now create and manage their most commonly ordered SKUs to facilitate seamless buy-online-pickup-in warehouse experiences for their contractors. This expedites the purchasing experience for contractors, therefore driving customer satisfaction and overall revenue.

Want to learn more about Elastic Path Composable Commerce and Unplatforming?

Join Bryan's Ask Me Anything Session.

Standalone products are great alone, and amazing together. Our composable product family consists of best-of-breed solutions that work as well alone as they do together. When used in concert, they act as a value multiplier, simplifying commerce application development and accelerating merchandiser effectiveness.

Elastic Path Composable Commerce includes:

  • Product Experience Manager, which combines Commerce PIM, product merchandising, and catalog management in one product empowering merchandisers to create unique experiences with less reliance on custom development work. By redesigning the underlying catalog architecture including separating product data from pricing data and rethinking catalog management and merchandising capabilities, we give brands complete freedom to design the product experiences their customers expect, from loyalty program pricing to shop-the-room experiences to complex dynamic bundling - without custom hacks and expensive development projects
  • Composer, the only commerce-intelligent integration platform-as-a-service available today. It reduces the cost, resources, and time required to build and manage a multi-vendor composable solution.. Composer includes three core capabilities:
    • Integrations Hub: a library of no-code, instant-on integrations
    • Builder: a low code, no code design environment to build integrations using a library of 100+ components and 1,500 actions. All integrations designed in Builder are hosted by Elastic Path, eliminating the cost and complexity of managing multiple integrations
    • Monitor: a self-service unified monitoring dashboard with proactive altering on integration operations, including event tracking and log monitoring
  • CX Studio: (formerly known as Unstack) accelerates composable commerce adoption and drives revenue with personalized turn-key storefronts and shoppable landing pages
    • CX Studio enables merchandising teams to build highly performant no-code frontends and launch revenue-driving composable solutions faster than ever before. Business teams are able to reduce implementation timelines with a merchandiser-friendly, no-code visual editor that powers personalized, data-driven experiences resulting in higher conversion rates and lower customer acquisition costs. With CX Studio, teams reduce the complexity of building composable solutions with one-click integrations that eliminate custom development work for key friction areas like tracking and analytics, hosted checkout, and on-site personalization.
  • Payments, which easily facilitates any method of checkout in any channel with concierge-level service, full price transparency, and no hidden fees.
    • Payments enables brands to provide a seamless check-out experience across touchpoints with lower overall TCO by delivering value across the revenue realization process and accepting payments in 185 countries and 135+ currencies.. 
  • Self-Managed Commerce, which gives your technical teams flexibility and control over data and infrastructure so they can build commerce solutions that address unique requirements.
    • Self-Managed Commerce is built for companies with experienced technical teams who need a commerce solution that can be extensively customized for their unique needs, particularly in exceptionally high volume transaction or regulated environments.

Elastic Path Composable Commerce is available now for organizations inspired to Unplatform. Products can be purchased individually or bundled together. Each product includes standard services packages to assist with initial onboarding and implementation.

To learn more about Elastic Path Composable Commerce and the Unplatform vision, join my upcoming “Ask Me Anything” session where you can bring your questions and I will answer them.

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