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Elastic Path Launches Modular Product Family, Elastic Path Composable Commerce

Best-of-breed digital commerce approach gives brands the freedom to advance commerce initiatives without replatforming

BOSTON, September 12, 2023Elastic Path, the leader of the Composable Commerce movement, is unveiling Elastic Path Composable Commerce, a fully modular family of products that can work seamlessly together or independently to address digital commerce pain points and create innovative experiences. Elastic Path's unique approach enables brands to add commerce capabilities on top of their existing platform, empowering them to Unplatform™ and focus on initiatives that drive business growth instead of expensive, multi-year technology projects.

Elastic Path Composable Commerce includes:

  • Product Experience Manager: empower merchandisers to create unique product experiences without waiting on custom development work
  • Composer: reduce the cost, resources, and time required to orchestrate and manage a composable solution with the only commerce-intelligent integration platform-as-a-service
  • CX Studio: (formerly known as Unstack): accelerate composable commerce adoption and drive revenue with personalized turn-key storefronts and shoppable landing pages
  • Payments: easily facilitate any method of checkout in any channel with concierge-level service, full price transparency, and no hidden fees
  • Self-Managed Commerce: give your technical teams flexibility and control over data and infrastructure so they can build commerce solutions that address unique requirements

These products work seamlessly together, but are completely modular and integrate with other leading commerce solutions on the market. Elastic Path Composable Commerce is available now for organizations inspired to Unplatform. Products can be purchased individually or bundled together.

“At Pella we focus on creating intuitive buying experiences that delight our customers. We began Unplatforming by highlighting specific business challenges and solving for them, piece by piece. Elastic Path Composable Commerce gives us the flexibility and confidence to solve our challenges and take advantage of new opportunities in a modular way, so we don’t have to complete a massive rip-and-replace replatforming project,” said Rebecca Hicks, eCommerce leader at Pella. “After successfully optimizing our checkout with Elastic Path, we have been able to move on to ensuring our customers see the right product in the right context.”

Over the last three years, composable commerce has gained traction for its promise of choice, speed, and innovation. While this represents a significant advancement in digital commerce, brands still struggle with the complexity of integrating and operating a multi-vendor solution while also running mission-critical business. And despite the promise of a modular approach, many vendors that claim to offer composable solutions continue to promote large replatforming projects as the preferred option for implementations.

Brands have the freedom to design their architectures from best-in-class components – commercial or homegrown – to create solutions that meet their unique needs.

Elastic Path Composable Commerce enables the Unplatform. Whether brands want to tackle a specific initiative, or implement a comprehensive digital solution they now have the standalone products and connective tissue to embrace composable commerce on their terms, no replatform required. This approach reduces apprehension around change and allows commerce teams to continuously deliver on big ideas and focused growth initiatives at a speed in line with, or even ahead of, changing consumer behavior and market dynamics.

“At Elastic Path, our goal is to reduce the struggle for brands to keep up with buyers’ relentless shifts in expectations for digital commerce experiences, made nearly impossible using commerce platforms,” said Jamus Driscoll, CEO at Elastic Path. “The time has come for brands to break free from the confines of rigid commerce platforms by embracing the Unplatform to gain complete flexibility to design and launch differentiated experiences across every route to market, without the need for a long and complex replatforming.”


About Elastic Path

Elastic Path is on a mission to break through the barriers that prevent commerce leaders from delivering extraordinary shopping experiences. Today, that means making Composable Commerce accessible to all brands by reducing the cost, time, and overall risk of implementing and managing a multi-vendor approach. With Elastic Path, both business and tech teams are able to innovate on their own terms, fully embrace composability, and in turn, never compromise on what’s possible.

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