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Case Study - Teilor


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We have an ambitious growth strategy. We selected Elastic Path because we know it enables our team to deliver a unique multi-channel customer experience at speed.

TeilorWilly Dicu CEO, Teilor

A disjointed eCommerce experience

Teilor had an ambitious growth strategy with a goal to expand the brand exponentially over the next five years. To achieve this, Teilor knew they needed to create a seamless omnichannel experience. With an elevated web experience, they planned to unify their child brands in a digital format, improve the customer experience through conversational commerce and virtual reality, expand to new geos and maintain a white glove experience that customers expect to receive in a physical location.

Through the COVID pandemic, it became apparent that there was a need for a more cohesive digital presence. Before Elastic Path, Teilor was on a monolithic solution. The rigid architecture limited their team's ability to create a unique digital commerce experience and decreased productivity across the team due to complex workarounds. Limitations of the platform included:

Disparate Catalogs: Their monolithic catalog delayed their time to market, with the team making manual catalog updates to individual catalogs across several web experiences

Expansion into New Countries: Looking to expand their footprint across Europe, their former platform couldn’t support the unique experiences per region.

Higher Cost of Ownership: The cumbersome infrastructure incurred costs for extended development time and manual updates to the site.

Teilor knew they needed to simplify their commerce solution by leveraging a solution that would give them the flexibility and scalability to manage multiple brands, geographies, channels, and touchpoints all on a single platform.

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Embracing Composable Commerce

Having a composable solution offers you flexibility and the possibility to scale. We don’t want to have a roof over our heads, we want to go as high as we can.

George Petraru Digital Architect, Teilor

Through their discovery process, Teilor became familiar with Elastic Path and the concept of composable commerce. Intrigued by the approach, they were first drawn to composable commerce for its:

Modular Architecture: The flexible architecture would support faster time to market. This enabled them to launch with just the critical components, and gave them the flexibility to add components to their solution to further improve their omnichannel experience and add new touchpoints with ease.

Open Ecosystem: The availability of other best-of-breed vendors assured Teilor that they could implement new integrations based on the ever-evolving needs of the business.

Customer Centricity: Embracing a composable approach would increase efficiency across the board. Allowing their marketing team to deliver the white-gloved experience by making quick site updates without duplicating efforts or heavy reliance on IT.

Composable commerce met all of Teilor’s immediate and future needs. They took comfort in knowing they wouldn’t be cornered into a fixed experience and would gain the flexibility and future possibilities to scale as their business demanded. What further drove home the decision was the availability of Business-Ready Solutions. A business-ready solution is a  solution that combines Elastic Path core commerce capabilities, partner integrations, and customizations through the availability of various integrations. Embracing this approach would enable Teilor to launch fast and customize on demand. Opting for this approach also gave Teilor the benefit of going composable without the effort of building it out from scratch. More specifically, Teilor opted for the Solution for D2C Commerce. Built by Elastic Path and Orium to help brands rapidly launch new experiences across web, mobile, conversational commerce, and retail. Adopting this solution would solve their previous problems on their monolithic solution, like:

Catalogs: Access to Product Experience Manager will enable the team to create and update catalogs across brands, touchpoints, and geos without managing or paying for multiple instances.

SKU Variations: With thousands of skus and product variations, the team can now manage with ease all on a single platform.

Localization: By integrating Amplience as their CMS they can deliver unique experiences based on the region's dialect without manual updates or individual catalogs.

Total Cost of Ownership: While a composable commerce approach may be a heavier investment up-front, Teilor believes this decision will lower their total cost of ownership in the long term.

An Omnichannel Experience

With Elastic Path and a Composable Commerce approach, we’re able to deliver a significantly improved omnichannel customer experience at the speed our business requires.

George Petraru Digital Architect, Teilor

With composable commerce, Teilor is one step closer to achieving a cohesive brand experience across touchpoints. They’ve seen initial success through:

Loading Time: with a previous lag, the team has noticed better performance across product pages contributing to an improved customer experience.

Lack of Downtime: No longer managing on-prem, the team is relieved to not have to worry about a potential outage and has increased productivity by contributing focus to other parts of the business.

Time to Conversion: Prior to Elastic Path the typical buying journey lasted 4-6 weeks. Through a new front-end experience the team has noticed the time to conversion has reduced significantly.

On the momentum of their initial successes, Teilor will continue to refine the customer journey into a cohesive brand experience and seamless customer journey. In a future state, Teilor plans to add components to their composable commerce solution to get more experiential with their marketing through touchpoints like augmented and virtual reality.

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