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Case Study - Serena & Lily

Serena & Lily

Took back control of complex, multi-tenant B2B merchandising experience by replatforming.


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Why Serena & Lily Went Composable and With Elastic Path

Serena & Lily is a luxury brand with discerning buyers. Selling effectively online means providing a digital commerce experience that feels like shopping in a store with a design adviser. This wasn’t possible with Serena & Lily’s previous monolithic platform, which delivered slow, lackluster digital capabilities and experiences. Composable Commerce allows for customization and variation and provides the flexibility to deliver unique, differentiated product experiences to each and every online customer.

Serena & Lily selected Elastic Path Composable Commerce because it includes capabilities for bundling, promotions, cart, checkout, and other commerce functions. Elastic Path is also able to serve as the first line of support for Serena & Lily’s full solution, which indicates a true commitment to Serena & Lily’s commerce vision.

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