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Jan 16, 2024 | 3 minute read

Get Unified Commerce Monitoring With Elastic Path Composer

written by Seamus Roddy

It’s enough to spend a chill up a commerce innovator’s spine: Your digital commerce solution is performing well. Then, out of nowhere, a vital integration – say search or payments or content management – stops working.

Your commerce is thrown into chaos, revenue grounds to a halt, and your team is scrambling to figure out what went wrong and who to contact to get it fixed.

This potential commerce catastrophe doesn’t have to linger in the back of your mind, or prevent your team from adopting a composable solution. Elastic Path Composer’s Monitor capability can help your team confidently manage a multi-vendor, best-of-breed, revenue-generating composable solution.

The Problem: Adopting and thriving with a multi-vendor solution requires integration monitoring confidence

Monitor addresses two related commerce challenges.

The first challenge is that some brands are hesitant to adopt composable commerce for fear that they won’t be able to effectively monitor a multi-vendor solution. This concern is reasonable, as having to use different tools to check on a score of integrations from different vendors requires substantial time, effort, and manpower.

Afraid they won’t be able to assess the health of a multi-vendor commerce approach, these brands are locked into a monolithic solution, and are likely to give up conversions, revenue, and customer experience to competitors with a more flexible, best-of-breed solution.

The second challenge comes for brands that already have adopted composable commerce. These brands have to spend significant time and manpower on monitoring their commerce integrations. Inconvenience, fear, potential downtimes and lost revenue – all conspire to make composable commerce less of a profit-generator than it should and can be.

The Solution: Elastic Path Composer's Monitor capability

Monitor addresses both of these commerce challenges and helps brands that are already composable and those that are still considering it.

To start, Monitor offers a unified monitoring dashboard for all integrations in your composable solution. With Monitor, you go to one place for a live shot of all your integrations’ performance – no toggling from dashboard to dashboard, and a much smaller chance of issues falling through the cracks.

Monitor also includes proactive alerts on integration operations, such as event tracking and logs. This way, brands are alerted immediately when issues arise. Performance issues are raised to your team – not the other way around – and you can operate with confidence, knowing that if there’s an issue, you know exactly where it’s occurring and when it started.

Overall, Monitor both reduces hesitation about adopting a composable, multi-vendor solution and improves the commerce operations of brands that have already turned to a composable approach.

Want to see Composer’s Monitor capability in action? Try Monitor and the rest of Elastic Path’s suite of composable products, solutions, and capabilities today!

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