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Apr 24, 2024 | 3 minute read

Introducing Elastic Path Promotions Builder: Custom Promotions with No Limits

written by Bryan House

Promotions are at the core of what many revenue merchandisers do every day. After all, a well-executed promotion can effectively drive shopper behavior — increasing average order values (AOV), cart conversion rates, and customer lifetime value (LTV). But, all too often, complex commerce platforms hold merchandisers back from creating promotions quickly and easily. Introducing new promotion types requires extensive developer involvement.

At Elastic Path, we’re changing that with the launch of Promotions Builder. This new capability lets merchandisers create customized promotions that meet their needs, without any development work. It’s easy to set up a single promotion and expand it to many. With a simple-to-use rules builder, merchandisers can set the conditions for their promotions, or apply pre-existing actions to their promotions (e.g. discounting certain items, gifting free items, or offering free shipping). This solution integrates with Elastic Path Product Experience Manager and cart, as well as external data sources like Twilio Segment (or other marketing tools).

Let’s explore some of the key features in Promotions Builder.

Get to know Promotions Builder features

Merchandisers: Simply put, Promotions Builder is the best way to create and control your offers. View all of your promotions (whether they’re live, scheduled, or expired) in a single dashboard, and easily add new ones with the Rules Builder. The customization possibilities are limitless.

Here are just a few examples of the features available in our latest release:

  • Promotion conditions: Set criteria for your promotions, or create multiple conditions for a single promotion. Or create your own custom attributes.
  • Promotion actions: Trigger discounts based on criteria being met in the cart, or execute multiple actions based on a single promotion.
  • Matching criteria: Match eligibility for promotions based on product SKU, categories, catalogs, product attributes, or custom attributes.
  • Exclusions: Exclude things from your offers, such as products, categories, or products with certain attributes.
  • Discounts by cart or line item: Discount by cart when customers select multiple items in a category, or discount by item by line item. Offer “buy X item get y item”/BOGO, as well as shipping discounts and fixed price promotions.
  • Maximum discount: Control your budget by setting the maximum discount allowed for a discount
  • Other rules: Set rules around your promotions including new coupon code activation rules, maximum discounts, quantity limits, and more.

In other words, the merchandiser makes the rules — not the commerce platform or competing developer priorities. Using Promotions Builder, you can easily turn promotions on and off, and understand the value being generated from them vs. the budget being spent. And soon, we’ll be adding new features including stacking and ranking, tiered promotions, and analytics to measure the success of your promotions. Stay tuned for even more Promotions Builder news.

Ready to learn more about Promotions Builder?

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