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Jan 12, 2024 | 6 minute read

Top Insights from the Elastic Path + Twilio Segment Webinar

written by Seamus Roddy

In December, Elastic Path and Twilio co-hosted a webinar to discuss our integration with Twilio Segment.

The webinar featured leaders from Twilio Segment, Elastic Path, and our customer Vivrelle, and was chock-full of exciting information and anecdotes about the integration and its potential for all brands to create commerce experiences that maximize revenue.

You should watch the full webinar – really, it’s that good. And, as you listen to the webinar (or when you sign up and save it for later), you can review the top insights this group of commerce experts shared.

1. Customer centricity based only on personas and audiences is a fallacy

Greg Yeutter, Senior Solutions Engineer at Twilio Segment, shared the webinar’s first key finding: today’s companies are determined to be customer-centric, but are failing because they look at customers in generic ways.

Greg says that in today’s competitive commerce environment, true personalization can’t come only from personas and audiences. What’s happening is that companies are personalizing for systems instead of individual customers. The causes (and symptoms) of this customer centricity fallacy include:

  • Fragmented data
  • Incomplete views of individual customers
  • A bulky, complex tech stack
  • Generic, overly broad engagement

Today, customers want 1:1 engagement that speaks to their personal interests. They don’t want to be part of a persona or audience – they want to be who they are, and get experiences that are truly individualized.

2. We're living in the attention economy

The next insight from the webinar came from Grant Deken, SVP of Marketing at Elastic Path. Grant said that merchandisers need to approach commerce from the perspective of living in the attention economy.

Per Grant, winning in the attention economy has two broad components:

  1. Acquiring customers
  2. Retaining customers

To Grant, smart customer acquisition in the attention economy looks like promotions that improve profit margins, dynamic product displays, trait-driven user generated content, individual customer personas, and brand assets that can be tailored to specific buyers.

Smart customer retention? Grant points to enhanced customer loyalty programs, improved reengagement tactics, and increasing customer lifetime value with personalized content displays.

What’s a must-have to execute on attention economy era merchandising tactics? First-party customer data.

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3. Operationalizing data is what unlocks real personalization

Jeff Neil is the VP of Software Engineering at Vivrelle, a luxury membership club. Vivrelle is a membership-based business model with reams of customer data – but the third insight from the webinar is Jeff’s observation that while having customer data is nice, operationalizing data is what unlocks real personalization.

What does operationalizing data mean? For Vivrelle, it involves using Elastic Path’s Twilio Segment integration to…

  • Build customer experiences personalized with member data 
  • Drive conversion rates with conditional content displays
  • Offer unique clienteling offers and product recommendations for members
  • Use bespoke social influencer experiences to drive efficiency
  • Serve conditional content based on a member’s behavior and preferences

The Twilio Segment integration makes all that happen. Now, Vivrelle can unify previously disparate data from email, website, and social and surface truly personalized experiences.  For Vivrelle, the integration means that Elastic Path is both a source of data and a destination of data. The data becomes unified and the customer experiences become more personalized. Jeff joked that not everyone who likes Chanel likes the same Chanel bag. Now, thanks to Elastic Path and Twilio Segment, Vivrelle can create experiences that are personalized down to the particular leather and lacquered metal.

For Vivrelle, a luxury membership club, providing a white-glove experience is essential to our brand; the integration between Twilio and Elastic Path allows us to deliver that experience digitally with personalized experiences that truly delight our customers. We were able to implement the integration in a matter of minutes and expect this to save our engineering team over 60% in data analytics implementation time long-term. The impact on our members was immediate, and we can see members finding bags they love faster than ever.

company graphicJeff Neil VP of Software Engineering

4. None of Twilio Segment’s competitors do what Twilio Segment does (ditto for Elastic Path)

Jeff told the webinar audience that every brand says they do personalization, but not every brand really does personalization. Probably that’s because not every brand uses Twilio Segment.

Jeff says that Twilio Segment is a simple solution that turns data into insights and activation. In Vivrelle’s case, Jeff turned on the integration himself, with zero code, zero engineering support, and in only 15 minutes – leading him to remark that none of Twilio Segment’s competitors do what Twilio Segment does.

The same is true of Elastic Path. During the webinar, Jeff said that Elastic Path was the only commerce provider that didn’t say no when Vivrelle laid out its unique commerce demands, such as a circular, membership-based model and a serialized inventory.

With those comments, Jeff hit on the value of Elastic Path’s Segment integration: Two one-of-one commerce leaders teaming up to offer all brands – no matter their size or existing data capabilities – the ability to create commerce experiences that delight customers, turbocharge conversion, and skyrocket revenue.

No CDP matches Twilio Segment, no commerce solution has the flexibility and speed of Elastic Path, and no data integration maximizes conversions, LTV, and revenue like this one. As excited as we are? Watch the full webinar for more insights and more reasons to trust Elastic Path and Twilio Segment with your commerce needs.

Elastic Path + Twilio Segment Webinar

Check out our on-demand webinar, featuring joint customer Vivrelle, to learn how our solutions work together to streamline the personalization process.

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