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Orgill Launches B2B2C eCommerce Powered by Elastic Path

Centralized multi-store management ensures consistency and accuracy across Orgill dealers, empowering them to grow their business with performant digital experiences

BOSTON, May 1, 2024 — Elastic Path, the leader of the composable commerce movement, today announced Orgill, the fastest-growing independent hardware distributor, has implemented Elastic Path Composable Commerce, hosted on AWS, to power their industry-leading B2B2C eCommerce solution. This B2B2C solution enables Orgill to offer dealers – many of which are launching their first shoppable online site – commerce experiences that are fast to launch, efficient to maintain, and flexible to customize for individual stores.

“We’ve wanted to pursue this B2B2C initiative for more than a decade, and our ambitions go beyond what a typical provider could support,” said Grant Morrow, Director of eCommerce at Orgill. “Our dealers need flexibility and customization, and we need support, scalability, and the ability to manage all stores within a controlled, centralized environment. The only way to bring this program to life was with composable commerce and Elastic Path.”

With Elastic Path, Orgill is able to centrally manage integrations and product data while enabling individual distributors to customize their stores. Orgill is now empowered to provide commerce for 13,000 retail hardware stores across 50 countries, accommodating dealers with different brands, specifications, markets, product assortments, pricing requirements, budget, and POS experiences. Orgill is able to manage all dealer stores within a single environment, ensuring streamlined operations and consistent, accurate, conversion-boosting customer experiences across their dealer network.

Orgill calls this B2B2C commerce solution Impact eCommerce™. It’s already powering hundreds of catalogs on dealer websites, and many hundreds more are in the pipeline for full websites. This composable commerce solution comes preloaded with enriched product data for more than 75,000 Orgill product items, along with access to Orgill’s Industry PIM program for data on 1.3 million products from outside of Orgill if the dealer opts for it. Dealers get the ability to add their own products to their catalog and can choose between Orgill-managed pricing or their own customized prices. With this solution, dealers of all sizes can launch an online store quickly, customize as they need, and offer buy-online-pay-in-store and digital checkout experiences that drive new and increased revenue.

Orgill’s B2B2C commerce program includes multiple program levels ranging from catalog only to basic website solutions to a fully POS integrated commerce system. Dealer brands can test and refine online commerce initiatives, including a Marketing Starter Kit that allows business users to execute branding and marketing initiatives. For dealers, site implementations go live in weeks, and catalogs launch in days or even hours.


About Elastic Path

Elastic Path is on a mission to break through the barriers that prevent commerce leaders from delivering extraordinary shopping experiences. Today, that means making composable commerce accessible to all brands by reducing the cost, time, and overall risk of implementing and managing a multi-vendor approach. With Elastic Path, both business and tech teams are able to innovate on their own terms, fully embrace composability, and in turn, never compromise on what’s possible.

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About Orgill

Orgill, the industry’s fastest-growing hardlines distributor, was founded in 1847 and is headquartered in Collierville, Tennessee. Orgill serves more than 13,000 retail hardware stores, home centers, professional lumber dealers and farm stores throughout the U.S. and Canada, and in over 50 countries around the world. More information can be found at