Your Guide to Headless Commerce and the Future of Customer Experience

Break Free from the All-in-One Platform

What is Headless Commerce? Download the guide.

How is it different from a full-stack commerce platform? The best way to illustrate this answer is to ask if your VCR can stream Netflix? It’s an impossibility. The very idea of these two products even holding equal value in the same time frame is as crazy as the question itself. Not to mention, it’s highly unlikely you even have a VCR.

The same could be said for legacy enterprise eCommerce platforms compared to headless, API-first solutions. One was built for one purpose, in one location, providing a single experience and the other was created to bring any kind of experience you choose to multiple devices and environments. Unfortunately, as the future of customer experience takes hold, these older full-stack platforms will have one more thing in common with a VCR: they’ll go extinct.

But where do you start? How do you know if headless commerce will address your business challenges? Are all commerce platforms that call themselves headless the same? Thinking back to the early days of the VCR, one nice thing was they came with a user’s manual. A guide to how they worked, their benefits, and every way you could get the most value out of your purchase.

That is exactly why we’ve created this white paper. To answer every one of these questions and then some in our Guide for Headless Commerce.