Composable Commerce XA™

The first and only offering to eliminate the risk of managing commerce solutions composed of multiple vendors for brands driving digital differentiation


De-Risk Composable, Multi-Vendor Solutions

Composable Commerce empowers brands to bring differentiated digital experiences to life by composing "best for me" solutions. While many brands struggle with the complexity of managing numerous technologies that make up a complete solution, Composable Commerce XA eliminates the complexity and risk by providing operational assurance. This assurance allows every brand to embrace Composable Commerce.

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Quickly Identify Issues at the Source

Following an architecture blueprint of a customer's complete solution, Composable Commerce XA™ uses proprietary technology to monitor third-party data integrations. This means that when an issue occurs, it can be rapidly identified at the source, taking out the usual complexity and guesswork.

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Simplify Issue Response Across Multi-Vendor Solutions

Elastic Path serves as the primary point of contact for managing issue response across your multi-vendor solution, reducing the complexity of navigating various vendors. This allows brands to bring together their favorite vendors in their Composable Commerce solution without spending precious time managing all of them directly.

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Return Store to Operation, Fast

With enterprise-level SLAs, Elastic Path serves as your partner in your Composable Commerce Strategy for resolving any issue quickly, so that you can reduce the likelihood of lost revenue. 

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Grow Your Business On Your Terms With Composable Commerce XA™

With Composable Commerce solutions from Elastic Path, you’ll never have to worry about inflexible structures or complicated troubleshooting. Instead, commerce brands can enjoy the customization of a multi-vendor solution without the complexity and cost of yesteryear.

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