Headless Commerce

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Why should you care about headless commerce?

Legacy enterprise-grade eCommerce platforms weren’t built for the way we purchase today. Be it B2B, B2C, the business model doesn’t matter. We’re all consumers and none of us categorize purchase experiences into various business models when we adjust our expectations. We carry those same expectations across every interaction we have when buying goods and services from anyone, anywhere.

We as consumers prioritize convenience first, experience second. We want to purchase anywhere, anytime, sometimes with little thought if any at all. The proliferation of customer touchpoints has made this a reality but, monolith, full-stack commerce solutions are still keeping organizations from realizing it.

This is why, as the pioneer of headless commerce, we created this market. We knew if we fundamentally redefined the commerce platform, we could offer what we knew organizations would need.

If you want to take a deeper dive into headless commerce, check out our FAQ section here.

A Guide to Headless Commerce and the Future of Customer Experience

Break Free from the All-in-One Platform

This whitepaper addresses the most common questions about headless commerce, why not all headless commerce platforms are created equal, how specifically it addresses the most common business challenges organizations are facing today and how to determine if a headless, API-first commerce is right for you and your team.

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What is Headless Commerce? Be Part of the Headless Revolution

Our CSO, Darin Archer explains why you should care.

“Then you can allow customers to buy wherever they want to –which is to say, anywhere. Shoppable videos, social media ads, store kiosks, Alexa-enabled purchase capabilities, virtual and augmented reality...the list goes on. That’s not just the reality for consumers, either –B2B buyers have the same expectations, whether they’re reordering parts or configuring medical equipment.”

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