Ecommerce API

Unify experiences on the leading API-first headless commerce platform

Elastic Path Commerce Cloud APIs

Elastic Path Commerce Cloud provides modern APIs which are designed with the developers in mind according to industry best-practices.

Benefits for the Developers

Having a commerce service with the right API design is extremely important since it will allow your developers to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improved Flexibility. Select the most appropriate front-end technology or framework to solve a particular business problem.
  • Simplified development. Unify logic across touchpoints to eliminate channel siloes and duplication of development work.
  • Accelerated Speed-to-market. Reduce the time required to learn the APIs, implement new touchpoints, and extend the APIs capabilities.

 Are Headless Commerce Platforms Created Equal?

In this quick video, John Bruno discusses the difference between headless commerce platforms and why API coverage is essential.

Benefits for the Business

While your business teams might not necessarily be involved in development on top of the commerce service APIs, they will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Omnichannel Journeys. API layer allows unifying commerce logic across touchpoints to enable continuous customer journeys across channels.
  • New revenue streams. Enable sales channels and new business models through API-first commerce, for example, IoT-enabled on-demand ordering.
  • High responsiveness. Optimized network performance allows minimizing latency between the customer and the commerce service to deliver superior customer experience.