SOC 2 Type II Compliance - eCommerce Security

Confidently power your digital commerce experiences with Elastic Path, a validated solution for top tier data and systems security

Just Announced:

Elastic Path is the only Composble Commerce Solution to Achieve SOC 2 Type II for Security

Brands can trust in an eCommerce partner that adheres to the highest security standards, saving them time, resources and money.

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Rest Assured That Your Data & Systems are Secure

Feel confident that Elastic Path will do everything possible to keep your data secure and your business operating at 100% in order to keep and grow customer confidence & revenue.   

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Reduce Time Consuming Security Evaluations

SOC 2 provides a comprehensive and centralized, third party report that succinctly validates Elastic Path practices so you can launch and drive revenue faster.

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Learn How You Can Securely Launch Your Commerce Vision Today

As the only microservices-based commerce solution to achieve SOC 2 examination, Elastic Path is a provider you can trust. 

Contact us today to learn how your systems and data are protected when partnering with Elastic Path.  We are committed to reducing the complexity of security evaluations and ensuring your customer relationships are not jeopardized by a data breach.