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Deliver remarkable eCommerce experiences with a storefront built on a React.js framework and powered by Elastic Path. React.js produces lightning-fast load times, extensive flexibility and gives you complete control of your storefront.

What is React.js?

React.js is one of the most highly used open-source JavaScript Libraries that enables teams to build user interfaces. With react js, teams can create beautiful, custom ecommerce websites and web apps with minimal effort or coding. According to research done by Stack Overflow in 2021, React.js became the most popular web framework overtaking jQuery with 41.4% of professional developers preferring to use the framework. More than 10M live websites worldwide use React.js, according to BuiltWith. The React.js framework’s popularity can be attributed to its benefits, but it also means that it will be easier to find developer resources well versed in the framework for projects going into the future.

Reasons to Use React.js Framework for eCommerce

Both business and IT teams can benefit from using a React.js framework to build their eCommerce website’s storefront.

The component-based approach to React.js gives developers the ability to re-use code snippets across ecommerce apps or even multiple web applications. This accelerates the time-to-market for new touchpoints or features and makes it easier to change or debug existing ones.

Due to the virtual DOM, eCommerce sites or web applications developed using React.js benefit from a notable boost in performance compared to other frameworks such as Jquery.  Because react.js will selectively update an area of the site that a user has engaged with using the Virtual DOM, it takes less loading power. Applied to a single feature of your site, it may not be very noticeable, but applied to multiple features, and especially across a dynamic complex eCommerce website, it can save a lot of time.  This boost in site performance means a fast and seamless shopping experience for your end users.

React.js code is easier to maintain due to its component-based nature which saves a lot of time and effort in the long-term perspective. The development tools boost developer productivity allowing for increased development and testing efficiency.

The react.js network is also extensive. Not only do developers globally love react.js, but the technology is also backed by Facebook, so the available libraries of components are constantly growing, making it easy for developers to learn the framework and build anything from small, lightweight storefronts to large, complex ecommerce ecosystems.

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React JS Features



React facilitates the creation of front-end website “Components,” or features responsible for UI functionality, such as buttons or data calls. These react “Components” are modular pieces of code that can be reused across multiple ecommerce apps or websites and in multiple locations. This component-based approach means accelerated development time and consistent customer experiences since it eliminates the need for developers to re-create code from scratch, scales easily, and makes it faster to debug.

Virtual Document Object Model (DOM)

For interactive websites that expect a lot of user engagement, the Virtual DOM is critical. Without ReactJS, a website may rely on HTML to update the DOM.  When a UI component is clicked that requires the page to refresh, it will require the entire DOM to reload.  With React.js, the library will construct a representation of the page in virtual memory and utilize a reconciliation algorithm to ensure that the minimum number of operations is conducted to render the page updates. This enables the creation of web applications with superior performance.

Developer Tools

React provides developer tools that let you inspect the React component tree in Chrome and Firefox. It also provides a lot of developer warnings that let developers spot mistakes easily.


SDK Optimized for ReactJS

With our SDK and a rich feature set at your fingertips, power your inventory, carts, categorization, search, shopping cart, and more. We help you to easily create and bring to life beautiful React eCommerce experiences.

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Jumpstart your project with the React demo store

Our lightweight ReactJS eCommerce demo store enables you to get started with Elastic Path, React and Redux in minutes.

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