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Built by Facebook, React.js is one of the most highly used open-source JavaScript Libraries that helps with the creation of beautiful commerce websites and web apps requiring minimal effort and coding.

According to research done by Stakoverflow in 2019, the Reat.js was the most loved web framework, with 74.5% of votes, while Angualr.js was ranked 9th with 57.6% of votes. Today, more than 900,000 live websites worldwide use React.js which makes it one of the popular frameworks among the developers.


Key Principles

To understand what are the benefits of using React.JS we first need to cover the key principles of how it works.


React facilitates the creation of module-like pieces of code called “Components”. These react components can be reused across multiple front-end applications in multiple places. This results in accelerated development time and consistent customer experience since it eliminates the need to re-create code.

Virtual Document Object Model (DOM)

React’s library constructs a representation of the page in virtual memory and utilizes memory reconciliation algorithm to ensure that the minimum number of operations is conducted to render the page. This enables the creation of web applications with superior performance.

Developer Tools

React provides developer tools that let you inspect the React component tree in Chrome and Firefox. It also provides a lot of developer warnings that let developers spot mistakes easily.

React.js Benefits

Based on the principles we have discussed above React.js provides benefits for both business and IT teams.


The componentization principle of React.js provides developers with the ability to re-use code snippets across web applications or even multiple different web applications. This helps to accelerate time-to-market for introduction fo new touchpoints or making changes to existing ones.


Due to the virtual DOM we have mentioned earlier, web applications developed using React.js enjoy a notable boost to performance compared to other frameworks such as Jquery. It also results in a superior experience for the end-users.

Developer Experience

React.js code is easier to maintain due to its component-based nature which saves a lot of time and effort in the long-term perspective. The development tools boost developer productivity allowing to increase development and testing efficiency. 


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