Reference Store

Reference Experience Reference Store


Everything You Need to Start Selling Online Quickly

Quickly deploy all the front-end components you need for a compelling shopping experience right out-of-the-box, including catalog browsing, cart, checkout, pricing, and more.

You can easily change the look and feel of the reference store to match your brand identity and provide seamless shopping experience across web, smartphone and tablets.

Progressive Web Application technology

Enable seamless shopping experience across touchpoints with Progressive Web Application (PWA) technology. It combines the lightweight nature of regular web pages or websites with capabilities traditionally available only to native applications, including working offline, camera, push notifications and device hardware access.


Content Management

Deliver remarkable experiences with an out-of-the-box integration with Amplience Content Hub. By unifying editorial and product content, image, video and document assets, Content Hub enables more efficient, collaborative and creative production processes.


Shoppable Videos

Enable shoppable influencer videos with Indi platform. The experience allows you to leverage influencer videos within the storefront and for users to seamlessly shop for the items displayed in the videos.


Ratings and Reviews

Increase trust with your customers by enabling ratings and reviews for your commerce platform powered by Power Reviews. Effortlessly collect, moderate and analyze reviews to drive actionable insight.


Social Sharing

Provide customers with the ability to effortlessly share the products they like on social media including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Leverage the power of reach and influence within your customer base to get free brand exposure through any one of these social media channels.