March 16th, 2023 | 2 MIN READ

Integrations Hub adds Advanced Commerce Instant-on Integration to Boost Conversions Through Search & Personalization

Written by Pranav Bahadur

Pranav Bahadur is a Product Marketing Manager at Elastic Path living in the Boston area.


At Elastic Path, we strive to empower all brands to benefit from composable commerce. Users can set up powerful third-party integrations with just a few clicks through our "instant on" integrations available in our Integrations Hub. With the Advanced Commerce "instant on" integration, merchandisers can sync their catalogs to leverage the powerful personalization and site search tools to boost conversion rates and AOV. 

How to Set Up Advanced Commerce Instant On Integration: 

Check out our quick demo to get started and verify your catalogs sync status using this "instant on" integration without a single line of code from within Commerce Manager, our business user tooling. 

For more information, check out our documentation page to see how to customize fields beyond the standard data mapping from the "instant on" integration. 

Who is Advanced Commerce

Advanced Commerce offers online merchandising, search, and personalization in one easy-to-use platform. Used with Elastic Path Commerce Cloud, you can create revolutionary shopping experiences for your customers. 

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What you can do with Advanced Commerce

Advance Commerce GrapheneHC allows users to control site search, merchandising tactics, and personalization across multiple storefronts using a single connection to Elastic Path Commerce Cloud. 

Set blends for PLPs (Product listing page) to customize the order of products by attributes like price, what is new, if a product is on sale, color, and much more. 

Control search results to boost conversions by utilizing predictive type ahead search, customizable recommended products, and even searching across multiple attributes like a 'medium orange dress.' 

Merchandisers can also use personalization based on user segments to deliver a custom digital experience across product list pages, search results, and product recommendations. 
EP Product Experience Manager's ability to easily create multiple catalogs works like a charm with the "instant on" integration to Advanced Commerce. Users can sync separate catalogs to respective storefronts enabling the control required to create truly outstanding customer experiences.

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