EP Product Experience Manager (PXM)

Merchandise Every Unique Product Experience, Without Custom Dev Work

EP PXM combines re-imagined Commerce PIM, Product Merchandising, and Catalog Composer capabilities into one central place for merchandisers to create the complex product experiences that drive conversions and loyalty.



Empower Your Merchandisers

Put the control back into the hands of your merchandisers so that they can innovate at speed, without reliance on custom dev work.

Increase Speed to Market

Keep up with customer expectation by rapidly creating and launching new catalogs, variations, promotions, pricing strategies, and more.

Lower Total Cost

Eliminate the need for expensive custom workarounds and hacks while building loyal, high value customer relationships.



Join Elastic Path customers, Pokémon, Maavee & Konica Minolta for a live merchandising panel webinar on Tuesday, June 14th at 11:30am EST.

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Re-Imagined Commerce Capabilities

Import, enrich, and manage your product data with a completely de-coupled architecture where products, hierarchies, and price-books are separate services, providing ultimate flexibility to create 10,000+ variations and build dynamic bundles & configurators.

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Design and launch the unique product merchandising strategies that rigid traditional platforms have held you back from.  With EPX PXM you can merchandise by variant, assign multiple prices to products, and create complex promotions.

Explore Product Merchandising

Compose products and prices into catalogs for every route-to-market, without limits. Then, assign rules to each catalog so they are dynamically surfaced for the right audience in the right context.

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According to Gartner: “Companies should invest in more robust product experience management (PXM) solutions."

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DTC Commerce

B2B eCommerce

B2B2C Commerce




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