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Merchandising Moments

Merchandising challenges and how to overcome them. Explore the power of Elastic Path Product Experience Manager.


Merchandising Moments Series

With consumer demands continuing to rise, delivering generic, cookie-cutter experiences for customers will no longer meet your customer’s expectations.

At Elastic Path, we aim to simplify the lives of merchandisers by empowering them with the control to create differentiated experiences without custom workarounds or expensive development work. We’ve re-imagined product merchandising so you can compose the experiences that drive revenue and conversion and launch with speed.

Welcome to Merchandising Moments with our VP of Solutions Engineering, Julie Mall. This series demonstrates how our API-first platform Elastic Path Composable Commerce re-invents eCommerce merchandising, so you can power unique, innovative commerce experiences with ease.

Creating experiences around key events

In our first installment, we will be demonstrating how to merchandise an experience around key events.

Managing a Loyalty Experience

In our second installment, we explain how Elastic Path Commerce Cloud can be used to implement a loyalty pricing strategy for your best customers.

Merchandising Product Variations

Manage product variations with separate pricing to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Launch a Flash Sale Within Minutes

In this fourth installment, we walk you through how Elastic Path Commerce Cloud can help you generate more business by creating a fun flash sale and email marketing campaign within a matter of minutes.

Running a Rental and Traditional Sales Model In One Platform

In our newest installment, we explain how Elastic Path Commerce Cloud can be powered to run both a rental model and a traditional sales model all within the same platform.

Setting Up A Quick Check-Out in Elastic Path

In the newest installment of Merchandising Moments, our VP of Solutions Engineering, Julie Mall, demonstrates how simple it is to set up a one-click checkout within Elastic Path Commerce Cloud.

Creating a B2B Experience that Supports Customer Retention

In this installment, we will show you how you can create a B2B experience that meets customers expectations.

Managing Multi-Channel Experiences From One Platform

In this installment, we unveil the secrets behind successful multi-channel experiences. Discover how to set up channel-specific catalogs seamlessly.

Brian klaus headshot

We chose Elastic Path for its flexibility. With our business, we had a need to create multiple catalogs, so that was one of the driving factors. Also, speed was a factor. We needed to do something very quickly, so the speed and some of the capabilities of Elastic Path were very appealing to us at that time.

johnstone Brian Klaus Director of eCommerce

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