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Product Merchandising

Merchandise every product experience across routes-to-markets, without limits



Empower your merchandising teams with the control to merchandise product experiences how your business requires, not how your commerce platform dictates. 

Easily Manage Product Hierarchies

Merchandise your product data into unlimited hierarchies to support unique use cases like pop-up shops, special sale catalogs, product launches, and beyond.

Power Unique Pricing Strategies

Assign multiple prices to the same product in order to support B2B-negotiated pricing, geo-specific pricing, loyalty tier pricing, and more.

Create Flexible Promotions

Create, launch, and optimize a variety of promotional strategies including free gifts, fixed & percentage discounts, bundle-based discounts, and more.



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EP PXM leverages a de-coupled catalog architecture where products, hierarchies, catalogs, and price books are all separate services. This enables your team to easily power account-based pricing experiences, without custom dev work.

Hierarchies are how merchandisers organize their products for specific experiences. Our product merchandising capability empowers merchants with the flexibility to create whatever hierarchies their business needs require and rapidly swap or update them as priorities change. 

Meet your complex promotion requirements for bundles, no matter what your merchandising strategy. Apply sale pricing to a bundle holistically or to just one item within the bundle depending on your specific goals. 


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