B2B eCommerce Websites: Getting Started

Your guide to digital transformation in B2B

So you need a new B2B eCommerce website… now what? Get the Whitepaper.

Here is your chance to learn from someone who has walked a mile in your shoes when it comes to B2B eCommerce websites.

After completing several successful B2B eCommerce websites in her career, Carla Gonzales, Ecommerce Business Manager at Würth Louis & Company shares her advice on navigating the digital transformation in B2B Commerce and how to:

  • Build out the plan for your B2B eCommerce website including key milestones and a breakdown of each phase from the start through to completion.
  • Make the uncomfortable budget conversation a success
  • Decide on a platform and choose the right development partner
  • Effectively manage internal communication and synergy
  • Ensure value for your organization, your sales team and most importantly, your customers.