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On-Demand Demo Featuring Zilker Technology



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Join Elastic Path and Zilker Technology to see first-hand how together we are changing the rules of commerce to create revolutionary experiences for brands all over the world.

In this demo, you will learn how conversational commerce is changing the way we purchase, giving us the ability to purchase even life's basic necessities with a spoken command or a quick written message as we move through our busy day to day lives.

Learn how customers can easily browse, get recommendations and reviews, and purchase products seamlessly through voice or chat leveraging EP Microservices and your Google Home or Google Assistant App.


Meet Zilker Technology

Zilker Technology is an expert Digital Consultancy and Systems Integrator that combines the agility of a start-up with the experience and expertise of a global consulting firm. Zilker specializes in unlocking the value of client data and delivering it to new digital platforms. With a team of highly trusted industry experts, Zilker can create powerful digital solutions for customers, with the skills to integrate with very complex back-end systems both on-premise or in the cloud. For more, visit www.ztech.io.