August 2020 Partner Newsletter

Elastic Path Commerce

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Elastic Path Commerce 

Version 8.1.0 

Elastic Path Commerce 8.1.0 contains first-class support for tracking organizational accounts. Accounts can be represented in a deeply nested hierarchy for representing regions or departments of an organization. Shoppers can be associated to accounts so that they can transact on behalf of the account, and account-specific pricing and promotions can be configured.

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Bloomreach Feed Plugin

Version 1.2.3

This new setting will allow businesses to control which product and SKU attributes are included in the Bloomreach feed. Now business will have full control over the number of product attributes in the feed for optimized performance in case of catalogs with a large number of custom SKUs.



Customer Spotlight




Congratulations to Exelon on the launch of their Energy Marketplace site leveraging Elastic Path Commerce 8.0 and Mirakl’s Marketplace platform on Azure’s cloud service.

ComEd is the first of six brands within Exelon to launch leveraging Elastic Path Commerce and is the largest energy provider in the state of Illinois serving over 10 million customers. The Energy Marketplace will be the centralized hub for customers allowing them to purchase energy-saving products and services as well as a host of self-service options making it easy for them to retrieve their latest energy bill, make a payment, schedule a payment or get the latest information on any potential outages.

Congratulations to the entire Exelon team, and to our partner, Bounteous who did an exceptional job in driving the implementation.


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Elastic Path Commerce Education


Sept 29-30
Commerce Manager – Advanced Configurations

Ready to start building your store? This learning program is designed to prepare Admins and business users with an understanding of the commerce functions when using Elastic Path Commerce Manager. Using simulations, learners can experience the system at their own pace, then join a live session to spend time understanding the pros and cons of configurations with practical exercises designed to ensure familiarity with functionality.

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Sept 22-24
Developer Training

Need to start customizing? Our Developer Core and Cortex learning program help developers understand the platform and get them ready for implementation. A number of self-serve courses review various technologies and functions needed for this role. The program wraps up with a live session specifically designed to get developers comfortable with making code customizations. Through a use case, learners work their way through all areas needed to bring this to life - from database changes to Commerce Manager, to the API. Get started and get certified as an Elastic Path Development Professional.

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On-Demand Webinar
EPTalk | Solving the eProcurement Problem with PunchOut2Go

Join Jessica Wetzel and Nigel Taylor from PunchOut2Go and Geoff Denning and Chad Hooker from Elastic Path for an on-demand webinar where they will discuss the Elastic Path and PunchOut2Go partnership and how the integration can be used to help solve unique business requirements.

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EPTalk | Account Management Made Easy

Version 8.1.0

Join Geoff Denning, Principal Director of Product and Emily Neufeld Functional Specialist at on Thursday, September 24th at 8:30 am PST as they:

  • Review the Business Case 
  • Demo Business Features 
  • Deep Dive into the API 

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