The Definitive Guide to Experience-Driven Commerce

Elastic Path eBook Series

Learn how to embed commerce in the fabric of your experience.

Impactful digital experiences build strong emotional connections with consumers. If you can also effectively embed commerce within that experience you can drive increased revenue, greater consumer loyalty and future-proof your brand amidst increasing competition.

But where do you start with leveraging this experience-driven model?

In this four-part eBook series, we provide you with deep insights into this new trend where you can learn:

  • What experience-driven commerce is, how it can increase revenue and give you a competitive advantage
  • How shoppers today perceive brands and why they expect their online shopping to be an "experience" unto itself
  • How silos inside your organization are preventing you from successfully implementing experience-driven commerce, and what to do about it
  • How to win friends and influence others; convince your leadership team that experience-driven is the way to go
  • How to create a digital experience platform as a reference platform for your entire organization