June 23rd, 2020 | 2 MIN READ

TA Digital and Elastic Path - Online Shopping Carts Simplified

Written by author_profile_images Shannon Griffiths

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Elastic Path provides both the flexibility and speed required to bring complex commerce to life in only a few weeks.  To showcase these qualities our partner, TA Digital has developed a demo highlighting the integration and partnership with our organizations.

TA Digital is an innovative digital transformation agency, specializing in helping their clients exceed expectations and accelerate business growth.  This demo – created through Elastic Path Commerce Cloud – highlights the ease and simplicity of developing an online shopping cart.

“As consumers shift away from transactional focused interactions and toward experiential personalized relationships across multiple touchpoints the monolith web-centric "all-in-one" platform will become obsolete. The era of an extensible flexible decoupled services-based commerce approach is rapidly becoming a proven strategy across multiple channels.” Dr. Ali Alkhafaji, CTO, TA Digital

What does this mean for customers?

As a valued partner, TA Digital can help customers with cost-effective solutions that support organizational strategies, partnered with the Elastic Path Commerce Cloud solution. We are proud to showcase our joint development. Easy. Agile. Quick to Market.

To set the stage, what is it about ‘Flows’ that made it an easy choice for you to focus on with this demo?

Flows capability is configurable in the platform and requires minimal developer effort to enhance domain model objects.

What were the specific objectives you wanted to showcase?

New third-party integrations (not supported OOTB) using standard platform extensions and enhancing platform domain models often needed for backend integrations.

What did you particularly enjoy developing this demo?

Velocity in achieving demo objectives and lower scale of development effort implementing a representative real-world customer requirement.

What do you enjoy about working on Elastic Path Commerce Cloud?

Powerful developer-friendly tools built on open-source technologies and ability to adapt across several industry domains.

Describe the top reasons why a prospect should be excited about what you were able to create and how it creates a unique value for them?

Elastic Path Commerce Cloud’s ability to integrate with varied third-party systems leveraging standard platform extensions and avoiding bespoke customizations reduces turn-around time to market.

Flexible data normalization constraints to enhance commerce domain models opening possibilities and synergy with legacy platforms.

API driven services-based architecture that enables enterprise-grade scalability future-proofing omni-channel landscapes.


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