How quickly can you adapt to the “new normal”?

The global impact of COVID-19 has forced many organizations to rapidly adjust work life, operations and strategies.

Customer needs and behaviors have also changed, impacting every sales channel.

In the face of uncertainty, digital leaders facing budget cuts, resource reductions and revenue pressures need to “do more with less” -- but this doesn’t have to mean do nothing.

It means doing the right things to adapt to change with agility.

Headless commerce microservices help you adapt to a post-COVID19 world

Although physical stores will likely reopen in 2020, the impact of COVID-19 will remain for some time, including periodic waves of physical distancing and operational shutdowns, in-store efforts to reduce human contact and increasing migration to digital channels.

Retailers, brands and manufacturers can leverage microservices to support the “new normal” in a variety of ways, including:

  • Endless aisle real-time inventory for mobile pre-shopping and reserve-in-store
  • Contactless curbside pickup through IoT devices like pickup towers and lockers accessed through mobile apps and QR codes
  • Mobile self-checkout to reduce physical contact and checkout line wait time
  • Native chatbots to provide instant customer care during office and call center closures
  • Intelligent vending for a D2C presence without the risk of physical retail leases and operations
  • Virtual shopping AR and VR integrated with your digital channel to bring the in-person experience online
  • Voice commerce to support frictionless shopping at home B2B applications to digitally enable sales reps and support customer onboarding

Flexible, scalable commerce technology is critical to the agile enterprise

Unlike legacy commerce systems that are heavy, rigid and costly to update and customize, microservices enable you to compose new commerce solutions in days to weeks, rather than months to years.

The best part? You can leverage ecommerce microservices without replatforming:

  • Build point solutions that hook back into your existing ecommerce systems
  • Launch “greenfield” projects for sub-brands and business units or new touchpoints
  • Or, replatform to a full suite of flexible and scalable ecommerce microservices

Elastic Path is committed to supporting innovation and agility in digital commerce. Now more than ever, the ability to rapidly compose and deploy scalable commerce solutions cost-effectively is critical for business health and resilience.

To help you keep commerce moving in this uncertain time, we’re offering limited-time pricing and implementation services so you can remove any barriers and de-risk the process of supporting your customers.

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