Power Every Pricing Strategy with Flexible Price Books


See the simplicity of Elastic Path Commerce Cloud price books in action. Watch the price book configuration video to kick-start your store’s set-up.


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The simplicity of Elastic Path Commerce Cloud Price Books capability enables eCommerce teams to set up the pricing strategies that meet their unique needs, from complex products to B2B bundles to unique price books for every catalog.

Price Books allow you to focus on what matters to your business-ensuring your customers see the right product, at the right price-across channels.

Build Customer Loyalty With Preferred Customer Pricing

With configurable price books, offer special prices to preferred customers to keep them coming back.

Omnichannel Simplified

Create specific channel pricing in one centralized location. With Elastic Path Price Books, cater to both your B2B & B2C needs in one centralized instance.

Multi-Currency Pricing All in One Place

Price your products in multiple currencies all in one price book.



Explore Price Books in Elastic Path Commerce Cloud

Elastic Path Price Books & unlimited catalogs enables your eCommerce team to create and assign a Price Book for every unique B2B customer in one instance.


Set up Sales to stay one step ahead Simplify your custom pricing and reduce last minute management for seasonal sales by pre-configuring and scheduling any planned sales.

Define volume pricing for any SKU to incentivize bulk order and drive your brands bottom line.

Price Books Documentation

Our Composable Commerce approach makes it simple to integrate preferred data sources, including ERP and beyond.

Choose when and to whom to show your prices. Display prices only after a subscription log-in or offer special pricing for member/ account holders.


Pricing to Manage Channel Conflict

Avoid channel conflict by creating unique pricing strategies for your D2C and B2B businesses.

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Interested in seeing Price Books in action in Elastic Path Commerce Cloud? Explore our documentation and learn how to implement flexible pricing features yourselves.


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