Cortex API: Unlock the Power of Headless Commerce

Elastic Path Cortex API

Cortex is a powerful API layer allowing you to:

Support any Touchpoints

Deliver personalized experiences across any combination of traditional and digital touchpoints including chatbots, AR/VR, POS and connected devices.

Power Omnichannel Journeys

Enable omnichannel customer journeys with commerce business logic and data made accessible in a consistent way to all customers regardless of the device.

Accelerate New Experiences

Bring new touchpoints and experiences to the market faster than ever before with easy to use REST Level 3 API providing orchestration capabilities.

Drive Phased Innovation

Leverage easily extensible, version-less API to simplify development of new front-end applications and capabilities without ripping and replacing your existing technology investments.

Deliver Remarkable Shopping Experiences

Our patented Cortex Hypermedia API orchestrates resources in Elastic Path Commerce along with third-party services and delivers them in a reliable and consistent manner, empowering you to make any experience shoppable.

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Cortex in Action

Leverage Cortex to enable seamless customer journeys across touchpoints and inspire innovation within your team. T-Mobile, one of the world largest telecommunication companies was able to deliver a full commerce experience through a natural language Facebook chatbot, going from idea to completion in just two weeks.