Endless Possibilities to Grow your Business

Elastic Path Commerce Cloud

Elastic Path helps you sell products and services through any channel you connect with a customer. With Elastic Path Commerce Cloud you can:

Become a Digital-First Leader

Explore any business model for digital growth, including B2B, B2C, B2B2B, B2B2C, and product-as-a-service.

Unify Selling

Unify commerce across brands, geographies, lines of business, and channels while leveraging your existing technology investments.

Create Differentiated Experiences

Offer unique experiences to your customers using our pre-built library of applications

Rest Easy

Easily handle large product catalogs, complex pricing models and sophisticated promotions. Rapidly scale for peaks in traffic and transaction volumes.

Elastic Path Commerce Cloud for B2C

Elastic Path Commerce Cloud for B2C empowers you  to deliver personalized offers at that precise moment your customers are looking for products, no matter where they are, using any device or touchpoint.

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Elastic Path Commerce Cloud for B2B

Elastic Path Commerce Cloud for B2B gives you the ability to extend commerce to all facets of your business by taming the complexity of multiple catalogs, price lists, channels, suppliers, brands and geographies on a single platform, while tailoring purchasing for every organization and buyer.

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Commerce Manager

Commerce Manager all the tools you need at your fingertips to configure Elastic Path Commerce Cloud to match your business needs, including products, prices, bundles and promotions.

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Use Cortex API to monetize any customer experience regardless of the channel or device.

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Intelligent Search and Merchandising

Leverage powerful site search and merchandising capabilities to understand shopper intent and ensure your customers can quickly and easily find the products and services they are looking for.

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Reference Experiences

Reference Experiences is a collection of ready-to-go open-source applications that allow you to stand up innovative customer experiences, such as Reference Store, Alexa and chatbots at a fraction of the typical time and cost of such initiatives.

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