The world’s best brands connect with their customers using experience management solutions like Adobe® Marketing Cloud, OpenText® WEM, Drupal, and HippoCMS. So we are bringing the future of ecommerce today with the best ecommerce platform that integrates seamlessly with today’s CMS and marketing cloud solutions.

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Elastic Path® Commerce

Core Commerce Solutions

Core Commerce Solutions are modular, headless ecommerce software services. Instead of simply driving web pages, they deliver the future of ecommerce through a universal integration platform that connects seamlessly to content management systems, marketing cloud platforms, and mobile apps.

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Fortune 500 and Internet Retailer Top 500 enterprises have quietly been using Elastic Path technology for over a decade to generate billions in revenue every year. Find out more about the innovative businesses that rely on Elastic Path to power their omnichannel commerce.

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Our unified commerce platform provides a sophisticated catalog management solution, making it simple and elegant to handle complex product lists. Manage any type of product – digital, physical, or subscription – using rich data and flexible attribute structures. For global businesses, we include foundation support for multiple catalogs, languages, currencies, taxes, and storefronts.

  • Multiple store catalogs
  • Physical products
  • Digital products
  • Flexible SKU options

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Built for innovative businesses where merchandisers collaborate closely with brand marketing, our merchandising solution offers robust tools for optimizing your offering mix to drive conversions. Cross-sells, up-sells, featured products – and the industry’s most advanced bundling capabilities – mean that you can execute merchandising without compromise.

  • Advanced bundling
  • Cross-sell products
  • Up-sell products
  • Replacement products
  • Accessories

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Elastic Path provides an advanced and responsive pricing engine. Now, pricing can be personalized alongside marketing content, empowering merchants to create effective, real-time pricing strategies based on audience, campaign, purchase history, and other customer-based scenarios.

  • Personalized pricing
  • Discounts
  • Sale pricing

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Drive engagement, loyalty, and revenue with a sophisticated rules-based promotion engine. Elastic Path gives digital marketers the flexibility to promote offerings throughout the entire discover and shopping experience – including a wide variety of coupon types.

  • Product promotions
  • Shopping cart promotions
  • Multiple coupon types
  • Promotion awareness

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Elastic Path Pricing
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Search & Browse

Elastic Path Search and Browse provides structured content discovery tools that complement the presentation capabilities of your CMS or marketing cloud solution. This includes search and navigation based on keywords, attributes, or facets to make product browsing and filtering intuitive no matter how complex your product catalog.

  • Personalized content
  • Product search
  • Browsing and discovery
  • Offer management

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Cart & Checkout

At the heart of Elastic Path is a Cart and Checkout solution designed to increase conversion and lower abandonment. This powerhouse module includes a persistent cart for both anonymous and registered users that works across any device, shipping and taxation capabilities, gift certificates, multiple payment methods, order confirmations, and receipts. Our Cart and Checkout solution is the only one architected to work in tandem with multivariate optimization products like Adobe® Target, enabling marketers to test and tweak every aspect of the buying experience.

  • Persistent, omnichannel carts
  • Physical and digital orders
  • Guest and registered users
  • Shipping and payments
  • Tokenized billing

Elastic Path Cart and Checkout

Customer Profile
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Order Management

Elastic Path provides order management capabilities that can be integrated into complex enterprise workflows. Foundation support is provided for viewing order details, modifying or cancelling orders, splitting shipments, and managing returns or exchanges.

  • Customer order history
  • Modify and cancel orders
  • Returns, refunds, and exchanges

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Customer Profile

Get a single unified view of your customers. Our Customer Profile solution provides secure and scalable management of commerce-related data including registration information, passwords, addresses, payment methods, and other attributes. Customer self-management functionality is also included.

  • Customer accounts
  • Order history
  • Address books
  • Payment methods
  • CSR and self-management


Commerce Integration Platform

Elastic Path Commerce Integration Channel

Elastic Path Core Commerce solutions are headless services that expose their functionality through our patent-pending Commerce Integration Platform as a universal API. This unified commerce platform combined with our level 3 REST hypermedia interface provides a businesses, agencies, and systems integrators with advanced ecommerce capabilities that are easier to consume, manage, and combine with other business systems and front-end technologies to produce amazing digital experiences. Our Integration technology brings the future of ecommerce today.

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High-Performance Cloud Commerce

When deployed on the secure AWS Cloud, experience-driven commerce applications powered by Elastic Path are highly performant, offering auto-scaling and flexibility for high-volume, mission-critical applications. Elastic Path customers, such as TIBCO, McGraw-Hill Education, Desire2Learn, and Trimble just to name a few, utilize the AWS Cloud to ensure maximum uptime and fast performance with a low total cost of ownership.

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Core Ecommerce Foundation Capabilities

Master and virtual catalogs
Multiple stores
Multiple languages
Multiple currencies
Physical products
Digital products
Subscription products
Product types
Product attributes
Linked categories
Warehouses and inventory
Cross-sell products
Up-sell products
Replacement products
Featured products
Recently-viewed products
Top-selling products
Fixed and dynamic bundles

Multiple price lists
Tiered pricing
Sale pricing
Personalized pricing
Product promotions
Shopping cart promotions
Public-use coupons
Limited-use coupons
Private-use coupons
Promotion awareness engine

Customer Profile
Account registration
Profile attributes
Address book
Payment methods
CSR management
Customer self-management
Search and Browse
Dynamic content
Keyword product search
Attribute product search
Product filtering
Product images
Offer management
Search engine optimization

Technical Features
Data import/export
Data synchronization
Administrator management
Performance management
Cart and Checkout
Physical and digital orders
Anonymous persistent cart
Registered persistent cart
Merge persistent carts
Order initiation
Guest user checkout
Registered user checkout
Shipping methods
Payment methods
Tax calculations
Tokenized billing
Order confirmation
Order Management
Customer order history
Search orders
Order details
Modify order
Cancel order
Split order shipments
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Elastic Path includes modules for personalized merchandizing, responsive pricing, omni-channel commerce, product information management, ecommerce bundling, and a powerful API technology.

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