Microservices Architecture: A Flexible Approach to eCommerce

A Guide to Microservices Adoption for the Modern eCommerce Strategy

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As digital disruption touches every industry, enterprise organizations are doing what they can to stay competitive when it comes to eCommerce. This often means adopting new business models however, with that comes an increased complexity. Not to mention, the number of touchpoints brands use to engage customers is growing exponentially and now includes connected devices, chatbots, kiosks, virtual assistants and more.

All of this requires changes to existing eCommerce architecture and integrations with other third party and open source software components. As is often the case, existing legacy commerce systems pose multiple challenges simply because they were never built for this kind of eCommerce model.

Microservices is the style of eCommerce architecture that can address these challenges and its growing popularity is directly related to its promise of tangible benefits to both business and IT. This whitepaper provides an overview of microservices related benefits, challenges in context of commerce and insight into how an enterprise should pick the right commerce solution.