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Catalog Composer is the flexible alternative to dated, rigid catalog management. It makes managing unlimited catalogs across accounts, business models (B2B, B2C, B2B2C), brands, geographies, or touchpoints 5x faster than any other eCommerce solution.


Make Catalog Management Faster

Catalog Composer leverages Commerce PIM to support automatic inherited product updates across catalogs so your eCommerce team does not have to waste time on manual updates across 10s-100s of catalogs. 

Eliminate Expensive Workarounds

Catalog Composer was designed for your complex use cases so you do not need to pay for extra development work, messy customizations, or additional instances just to support your multi-catalog strategy.

Innovate Today, And Tomorrow

Catalog Composer empowers your eCommerce team with the control to support all your omnichannel use cases today and expand seamlessly next week, month, or year.



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Catalog Composer is built on the industry’s only completely decoupled architecture, where products, hierarchies, and prices are all separate services.  This architecture gives brands the flexibility to compose unlimited catalogs form their chosen products & prices. 

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Unlike other catalog management, Catalog Composer scales with your business.  You can create and manage all of the catalogs your omnichannel business needs across accounts, business models (B2B, B2C, B2B2C), Brands, Geographies, and touchpoints.

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Compose, launch, and optimize multi-locale catalogs with support for single and double-byte characters and endless currency options. Catalog Composer equips you to expand globally as your business strategy changes.

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Catalog Composer enables you to make sure the right products are shown to the right customers, at the right time with rules. Create a rule to dynamically trigger a catalog based on channel, customer group, email addresses and more. Dynamic catalog rules eliminate the need to work with a front end developer every time you want to change a catalog.

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Flexible Catalogs for Diverse Use Cases




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