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Gartner predicts that by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels. Your B2B eCommerce website can no longer afford to use outdated legacy technologies that make it difficult to adapt to change. You need flexible, innovative technology that allows you to customize and launch product experiences rapidly. You also need a platform to empower merchandisers and business teams to launch these product experiences with ease and without reliance on IT.



Rapidly Launch B2B eCommerce Experiences with EP Product Experience Manager (PXM)

EP PXM combines Commerce PIM, Product Merchandising and Catalog Composer Capabilities in one centralized place for merchandisers to create innovative commerce experiences without custom development work or time-consuming manual workarounds. These capabilities allow you to launch differentiated merchandising strategies to meet the demands of your B2B eCommerce customers. 

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Elastic Path B2B Capabilities


Account Management

Design and manage sophisticated B2B account structures

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Account-Specific Catalogs

Create and managed unlimited account-specific catalogs

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Negotiated Pricing

Bring negotiated, account-specific pricing to life

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Orders & Inventory

Support quick orders, bulk orders, and re-orders and manage B2B inventory

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Top B2B eCommerce Use Cases


Launch B2B eCommerce

Modernize your B2B business by expanding into digital channels. Elastic Path allows you to rapidly launch your B2B eCommerce platform to create unique, customer-centric experiences to meet your customer’s demands.

Replatform B2B eCommerce

Upgrade your legacy commerce platform to meet consumer expectations and leverage modern merchandising techniques to drive substantial revenue growth.

Launch B2B2C eCommerce
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Elastic Path commerce teams have the control to merchandise products for every interaction across every route-to-market including multiple geos, business models, brands and touchpoints. Manage multiple storefronts under one single platform.

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