Bring analog relationships online

Set up account-specific buying experiences for each buyer that incorporate service level agreements, negotiated pricing, and order history.

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Manage complex purchase flows

Digitize complex purchase flows and shift the sales team from order-taking to nurturing customer relationships and increasing their value.

Key features and benefits

Elastic Path Commerce for B2B delivers a set of capabilities and tools that empower businesses to manage complex account-specific buyer experiences on a single platform.

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  • Sophisticated organizational structures: Empower buyer’s administrators to manage their own account, add new buyers, and set purchase limits.
  • Complex pricing domains: Deliver the ultimate B2B buying experience with flexible pricing models that include subscription and usage pricing.
  • Flexible payments: Support multiple payment gateways and different payment methods, flows and processes. Easily set up promotions with recurring prices and discount periods tailored to each buyer.
  • Complex catalog management: Import and consolidate supplier catalogs, configurable products, and create bundles from different suppliers and sell them as your own product.
  • Commerce-enable the Internet of Things: Enable devices or appliances to monitor themselves, order their own replacement parts, and schedule their own service calls.