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B2B eCommerce For A Digital-First World


With more and more B2B buyers expecting digital-first purchasing experience, B2B businesses are facing newfound pressure to rethink their digital channels. These brands need flexible, fast technology that allows for customization while also being simple-to-manage for business users.



Top B2B eCommerce Use Cases


Launch B2B eCommerce

Bring your B2B eCommerce business online. Elastic Path will quickly and efficiently create a customer centric, digital-first experience.

Launch B2B2C eCommerce
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Equip your B2B business to partner with smaller stores and sell directly to your consumers. Elastic Path will seamlessly commerce enable your business partners, providing convenience to your customers.

Replatform B2B eCommerce

Upgrade from your legacy commerce platform to drive substantial revenue growth. Elastic Path will replatform your B2B eCommerce experience to achieve sustainable business growth.

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Rapidly Launch B2B Experiences With Our Pre-Composed Solution™ for B2B Commerce

This business-ready, Composable Commerce solution provides a quick start to launch complex B2B experiences with pre-integrated advanced quoting, account management, complex catalog support, role-based access, and more. 

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Elastic Path B2B Capabilities


Account Management

Design and manage sophisticated B2B account structures

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Account-Specific Catalogs

Create and managed unlimited account-specific catalogs

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Negotiated Pricing

Bring negotiated, account-specific pricing to life

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Orders & Inventory

Support quick orders, bulk orders, and re-orders and manage B2B inventory

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B2B eCommerce FAQ

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