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Elastic Path Introduces Catalog Composer to Make Omnichannel Catalog Management 5x Faster Than Any Other eCommerce Solution

Catalog Composer Empowers Branded Manufacturers, With Multiple Accounts, Business Models (B2B, D2C, B2B2C), Brands, Geographies, or Touchpoints, To Quickly and Easily “Compose” and Manage Unlimited Catalogs With the Industry’s Only Decoupled Catalog Architecture


Boston, Mass. September 9, 2021 - Elastic Path, the leading provider of eCommerce software for brands leveraging Composable Commerce to drive digital innovation with confidence, today announces Catalog Composer, a new capability that streamlines the otherwise arduous process of creating and managing eCommerce catalogs, resulting in a 5x time reduction compared to other eCommerce solutions. Catalog Composer was designed for brands with omni-channel requirements – enabling eCommerce teams to quickly and easily manage catalogs for any business scenario, such as multiple accounts, business models (B2B, D2C, B2B2C, etc.), brands, geographies, and touchpoints.


Catalog Composer is built on the industry’s only fully decoupled omnichannel catalog architecture, where products, hierarchies, and price books are all independent services within the Elastic Path Commerce Cloud. This fully decoupled catalog architecture was introduced by Elastic Path as a part of the Product Content Management capability in March 2021.

The catalog management capability in other commerce platforms was designed for brand’s needs 10 years ago when eCommerce strategies did not involve multiple geographies, brands, business models, touchpoints, and complex B2B accounts – which each require unique catalogs.

The rigid, tightly coupled architecture of these commerce platforms results in brands being forced to take on the burden of expensive and time-consuming customizations to support their multi-catalog needs - delaying time to market, making ongoing updates cumbersome or sometimes impossible, and holding back organizations from rapid growth.

The new Catalog Composer capability in Elastic Path Commerce Cloud reinvents catalog management so that brands can show the right products, at the right price, to the right customers across accounts, business models (B2B, D2C, B2B2C, etc.), brands, geographies, touchpoints, and more.



  • Make catalog management 5x faster than with any other eCommerce solution. Catalog Composer eliminates the need to custom build and maintain a central product data repository and complete endless manual updates of the same product throughout your various catalogs. By leveraging one central source of product data where changes are automatically inherited across catalogs, brands can save hours every day on catalog management.
  • Empower your entire team to create, launch, and optimize catalogs by leveraging simple business user tooling to compose products & price books.
  • Reduce cost by eliminating extra development work, messy workarounds, or the need for additional instances just to support your multi-catalog strategy.
  • Total control to support business needs today and scale as brands expand to new geographies, launch new brands, add B2B, D2C, etc. channels, and design new touchpoints to meet customer needs.


  • Completely decoupled omnichannel catalog architecture totally separates product, hierarchies, and price book services
  • Support for unlimited catalogs and 5 million + SKUs
  • Create multiple hierarchies per Elastic Path Commerce Cloud instance to support multi-brand or B2B account strategies
  • Support multi-locale catalogs with single and double-byte characters
  • Dynamically trigger catalogs based on channel, customer group, customer email, etc. with catalog rules

Catalog Composer is included as part of Elastic Path Commerce Cloud for no additional cost.

Join us on Tuesday, September 21st at 11:00 AM ET to for a live demo of Catalog Composer. Register Now.


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