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Cymax Group Selects Elastic Path To Power Their Composable Commerce Approach

Boston, Mass. September 28, 2022 - Elastic Path, the creator and leader of the Composable Commerce Movement, is pleased to announce that Cymax Group, a leading eCommerce technology and services platform for furniture vendors and retailers, has selected Elastic Path to power their Composable Commerce approach. Cymax Group was drawn to Elastic Path’s flexible MACH architecture, proven scalability, and re-imagined catalog management capabilities.

Composable Commerce enables brands to bring their unique digital commerce vision to life by leveraging multiple best-of-breed vendors composed together into a complete, business ready solution. With this additional flexibility and control, there’s an increased risk of stitching together numerous technology providers. Elastic Path makes it easy for brands to launch a Composable Commerce approach with their Pre-Composed Solutions™. Cymax Group can launch quickly utilizing a Pre-Composed Solution™ that pre-integrates their preferred technology partners. In addition to having the ability to launch fast, Cymax Group is able to confidently embrace a multi-vendor approach with Composable Commerce XA™ (experience assurance), which reduces the risk of managing a multi-vendor solution by providing proprietary monitoring and holistic issue management.

Cymax Group is committed to building better eCommerce and logistics experiences for everyone, and partnering with Elastic Path enables them to deliver on their promise.

“We are focused on delivering exceptional experiences for our customers and continually strengthening our eCommerce foundations to maintain our strong growth trajectory,” said Zarine Halim, Vice President of eCommerce for Cymax Group Technologies. “With the Composable Commerce approach, our direct-to-consumer websites will have the flexibility to deliver engaging, custom experiences while ensuring speed and stability.”

Both Cymax Group and Elastic Path were recently recognized as a part of Team True North, a roster of Canada’s highest potential tech companies.

About Elastic Path
Elastic Path is the company powering mission-critical digital commerce for the world's leading brands, such as Intuit, Pella, T-Mobile, and over 250 other leading brands. As relentless innovators, Elastic Path pioneered the Headless Commerce space in 2011 and spearheaded Composable Commerce in 2020. Elastic Path provides industry-leading headless commerce solutions for digitally-driven brands to rapidly build, deploy, and continuously optimize highly differentiated commerce experiences. Elastic Path is a global company with offices in Boston, Newcastle, Reading, Toronto, and Vancouver.

About Cymax Group Technologies
Cymax Group Technologies is a leading eCommerce technology and services platform for furniture vendors and retailers that enables seamless activation for scale from design to delivery. Through boutique marketplaces, Homesquare and Cymax Business, Cymax offers exclusive access to new markets and consumers; Channel Gate delivers integrated tech and services across leading marketplaces, and Freight Club, an end-to-end freight shipping platform, provides retailers access to an expanded carrier network and enterprise rates through its logistics tech platform.