Commerce APIs

Unify experiences on the leading API-first headless commerce platform

Elastic Path’s patented Cortex API is unmatched in its ability to unify commerce across brands, lines of business, geographies and channels. Quickly onboard new touchpoints, enable new business models and deliver unified experiences on a single platform.

Not all APIs are created equal

Many commerce platforms offer APIs but not all of them can deliver the same benefits. Hypermedia APIs are convenient to use because they are easy to explore and simplify front-end logic. This helps to accelerate development and unify business logic across different touchpoints.

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Cortex API

The patented Cortex Hypermedia API allows you to maximize the value of Elastic Path Commerce platform. It orchestrates multiple resources in Elastic Path Commerce along with third-party services and delivers them in a reliable and consistent manner, making any experience shoppable.

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Cortex API in action

For many Elastic Path Customers, Cortex inspires innovation by empowering teams to deliver seamless customer journeys across touchpoints. T-Mobile, one of the world largest telecommunication companies was able to spin up a full commerce experience through a natural language Facebook chatbot in just two weeks.

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