Vue.js eCommerce

Quickly deliver unique commerce experiences with Vue and Elastic Path. Vue.js is approachable, versatile and a performant framework.


Vue is a progressive framework for building user interfaces. Unlike other monolithic frameworks, Vue is designed from the ground up to be incrementally adoptable. The core library is focused on the view layer only and is easy to pick up and integrate with other libraries or existing projects. On the other hand, Vue is also perfectly capable of powering sophisticated Single-Page Applications when used in combination with modern tooling and supporting libraries.

Vue JS Features

VueJS focuses on the view layer. It can be easily integrated into big projects for front-end development without any issues. If you are looking for a solid presentation layer framework, VueJS ecommerce is a decent choice. It is a good front-end development solution for your large projects.

Virtual DOM

VueJS makes the use of virtual DOM. The changes are not made to the DOM, instead, a replica of the DOM is created which is present in the form of JavaScript data structures. This is good in terms of optimization, it is less expensive and the changes can be made at a faster rate.

Data Binding

The data binding feature helps manipulate or assign values to HTML attributes, change the style, assign classes with the help of a binding directive called v-bind available with VueJS.


VueJS provides HTML-based templates that bind the DOM with the Vue instance data. Vue compiles the templates into virtual DOM Render functions. You can make use of the template of the render functions and to do so we have to replace the template with the render function.


VueJS provides various ways to apply the transition to HTML elements when they are added/updated or removed from the DOM. VueJS has a built-in transition component that needs to be wrapped around the element for the transition effect. You can easily add third-party animation libraries and also add more interactivity to the interface.


Components are one of the important features of VueJS that helps create custom elements, which can be reused in HTML.

Why use Vue JS for eCommerce


Small Size
One of the greatest advantages of Vue.js is its small size. The size of this framework is 18–21KB and it takes no time for the user to download and use it. It beats all the bulky frameworks like React.js, Angular.js, and Ember.js.
Easy to Work With
One of the reasons for the popularity of this framework is that it is quite easy to understand. The user can easily add Vue.js to his web project because of its simple structure. Both the small as well as large scales templates can be developed through this framework.
Vue.js comes with perfect balance to write quickly and run straight from the browser. You can build a complex application using ES6, JSX, components, routing, bundling etc. This makes it a preferred choice to use Vue.js for developing cross-platform applications.

SDK Optimized for Vue JS

With our SDK and a rich feature set at your fingertips, power your inventory, carts, categorization, search, shopping cart, and more. We help you to easily create and bring to life beautiful Vue eCommerce experiences.

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