Composable Commerce Ecosystem

Composable Commerce Ecosystem provides you with all building blocks to address the unique needs of your customers and rapidly adapt to the changing market environment.

Composable Commerce Ecosystem Diagram

Today businesses strive to differentiate by delivering unique experiences and drive business model innovation. With the variety of different verticals, business models, offerings, and customer segments, it is almost impossible for a single piece of software to deliver all necessary functionality out of the box. Addressing the unique needs of their customers requires an ecosystem of applications that together comprise a Composable Commerce solution.

All applications in the Ecosystem align with the tenets of the Composable Commerce:


Designed to be fully modular, meaning that each component is a self-contained system that can be deployed independently.


Based on open standards, integration patterns, and extensibility models that encourage interoperability and customization of both third-party and home-grown services


Leverage modern, flexible technologies and approaches, such as microservices, APIs, cloud, and headless architecture.


Inclusive of all necessary tools and capabilities for business teams to “compose” services into an end-to-end solution, enables rapid iteration and lowers the cost and risk of innovation.

Product Information Management

PIM ensures that a Composable Commerce solution provides business with all the necessary tools to manage their portfolio. Learn more about Elastic Path partners.

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Content Management Systems

CMS is crucial for businesses to deliver unique experiences to customers through engaging content. Our ecosystem features several CMS partners for your Сomposable Сommerce solution, including Acquia, Amplience, Bloomreach, and others.

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Payment Gateways

Providing convenient payment methods for your customers is paramount for superior customer experience. Our ecosystem features several Payment providers for your Сomposable Сommerce solution, including Stripe, Paypal Express, and Cybersource.

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Customer Support

Superior customer experience cannot be achieved without robust customer support. Our ecosystem features several Payment providers for your Сomposable Сommerce solution, including Zendesk.

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Tax Management

Doing business on a global scale requires the ability to manage complex tax rules across countries. Our ecosystem features several Tax providers for your Сomposable Сommerce solution, including Avalara and Vertex.

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Procurement & Fulfilment

New sales channels can significantly increase revenue growth for a business. Our partners, including PunchOut2Go, are ready to provide you with all the necessary capabilities to unlock new revenue streams.

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Order Management

Delivering orders to your customers worldwide on time is essential. Our partners, including Digital River, are ready to provide you with all necessary order management capabilities.

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