Composable Commerce: Open Ecosystem

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What Do Open Standards Mean for Composable Commerce?

Open standards enable interoperability between your best-of-breed  commerce components for seamless integration around your core commerce service. 

While Composable Commerce enables the assembly of best-of-breed components, it does more than just support a library of assets. It also offers an easy to leverage framework for integration, guides that reduce the time to compose, and support so that when you run into a challenge, there is always someone there to help.





How will you benefit from an open ecosystem?

Agile integrations

Assemble best-of-breed components around your core commerce service, including point solutions like Search, Tax, PIM and Order Management --just to name a few. Or, add applications developed by your team or technology partners and systems integrators

Faster time-to-market

Building custom connectors puts burden on your technical teams, delaying time-to-market and consuming budget that could be applied to innovation and delivery. Open technology makes integrations easier to stand up and maintain as your application evolves.

Freedom to customize

Out-of-the-box features rarely suit your unique requirements. A solid extensibility framework including webhooks and data extensions enables you to quickly add capabilities to your backend, enhance front-end experiences, and configure standard commerce capabilities.

Remain Modern

If it’s easy to hook up, it’s easy to replace. Open standards keeps data and connectors clean, and ready to plug into the next application should you decide to swap in or out any backend system, large or small.

The Benefits of Open Standards

Rather than extending your platform through plug-ins, modifying monolithic backend code (and taking it off a clean upgrade path) or building siloed experiences, open commerce technology enables interoperability between services for seamless integration (and removal) of components. 

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