November 9th, 2022 | 3 MIN READ

Getting Started with Promotions Based on Product Attributes

Written by author_profile_images Abisola Adeyemo

Abisola is a Product Marketing Manager at Elastic Path living in Central Florida. 


In today’s market, increasing customer satisfaction and retention cannot be done without an effective promotional strategy. Convert Cart reports that 80% of customers end up making a first-time purchase after receiving an offer. This means that you’re missing out on revenue if you do not have an effective promotional merchandising strategy.

At Elastic Path, we understand the challenges merchandisers face to deliver innovative product experiences, including eCommerce promotions. As you manage the myriad of SKUs and merchandising strategies, creating promotions can be a time consuming endeavor if you don’t have flexible functionality. That is why we have released attribute-based promotions in Commerce Manager, our business user tooling.

Create Attribute-Based Promotions with Ease

What are product attributes?

They are the features that describe a product such as color, size, texture, brand, etc. Attribute-based promotions is a way to allow users to navigate an eCommerce store through product filter and search. It gives merchandisers the ability to dynamically include or exclude groups of products in a promotion based on a specific attribute, without custom development or time-consuming manual work. 

For example, you want to run a promotion for all red and green shirts for a Christmas sale. You’d create a promotion based on the red and green attribute. However, you don’t want to offer promotions on silk tops. You could simply exclude all products with the “silk’ attribute. This functionality is available for percent discount, fixed discount, amount-based discount, and line-item discount promotions. 

No longer will you have to go through the tedious manual process of including and excluding items within a promotion. You can now simply add your preferred attributes in Commerce Manager, choose to include or exclude specific attributes based on your promotion strategy, and those items will be eliminated or included in the promotion.  

This enhancement saves merchandising teams time and money while ensuring that customers see the product experience they expect. In other words, the right products at the right price. This new feature builds on recently released hierarchy-based promotions which gives merchandisers the ability to include or exclude categories or subcategories (hierarchies and nodes) in your promotions. Now, your merchandising team can combine attribute-based promotions and hierarchy-based promotions in one single promotion. 

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Implement Attribute-Based Promotions for Any Use Case

So, why does this matter for merchandising teams?

In short, merchandisers can quickly and easily create unique promotion strategies.

Let’s say you’re a clothing brand that would like to create a promotion within your women’s clothing catalog. It is an end of summer sales promotion, so you would like to put all shirts on sale except for long-sleeved knit shirts. As you create a new promotion in Commerce Manager, you can click “add exclude” in the promotion and type in the components so this product is excluded from site promotions and discounts.  All this can be done in a matter of minutes. Let’s take a look at this example in action:

Attribute-based promotions are a great way to configure promotions for specific products quickly. At Elastic Path, we will continue to serve merchandisers with product innovations that drive revenue and conversion and help you create innovative product experiences with ease.

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