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Boost Customer Loyalty and Conversions With Promotions from Elastic Path


eCommerce Promotions, when executed correctly, capitalize on the online consumer behavior, which helps you to continuously boost sales and customer loyalty despite the competition. Consumers are always searching for the purchase with the best value, and as such, promotional offers play a significant role in a customer’s shopping cycle.

Explore Promotions with Elastic Path that allow you to continuously attract new customers and improve the overall shopping experience.

Elevate Your Brand Perception With Free Gifts

The Free Gifts promotions allows you to add perceived value to the receipt rather than the other promotions that usually lower the value of the product.

Increase Your Average Order Value With Buy X, Get Y Promotions

The Buy X, Get Y promotions promote your customers to get more than they would originally intended, causing you to increase your average order value.

Increase Sales of Less Desired Products with Bundle Discount Promotions

The Bundle Discount promotions allow you to group several products/services together that may have not otherwise been considered, thus allow you to move surplus products and increase sales of less popular items.



Explore Promotions in Elastic Path Commerce Cloud

Cart-level discounts allow your team to reduce the product price by a fixed or percentage amount, and is applied to the entire cart.


The X for Y discount allows your team to offer bulk discounts based on the unit price. This promotion works by applying the price of Y (qty) to the X(qty).

Bundle discounts allow your team to offer bulk discounts when selected products are purchased together. This promotion works by selecting SKUs and quantities and applying a bundled price to it.


Item discounts allow your team to reduce the price of multiple items by a fixed or percentage amount. In addition to providing a price reduction, it also allows you to limit the discount to a discrete number of items.

Free Gift discounts allow your teams to offer a free item when a specific product or a group of products are purchased. You will also have the option to either send your customers a notification for them to add the free gift to the cart rather than having it automatically added only.




Elevate Sales Strategy

Plan to utilize promotions around key dates and events so you can convert more sales and add value to keep shoppers coming back.

Keep Customers Engaged

Shift the mindset of customers from browsing to purchasing by placing enticing offers right in front of them that cannot be ignored.

Minimize Losses

By offering promotions you can minimize loss of unsold inventory, recoup some of them as well as free up inventory space.


10 Ways to Create Customer Centric Promotions in Elastic Path Commerce Cloud

At Elastic Path, our engineering teams understand this need and have continued to update and add new promotions for our customers to leverage. In this article we will highlight 10 ways we support your promotional needs and demonstrate where you can access them in the platform’s Commerce Manager.

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