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Dec 7, 2021 | 3 minute read

Composable Commerce Hub Celebrates 1 Year

written by Brianne Cordima

The Composable Commerce Hub, the first and only open exchange of business solutions powered by an ecosystem of leading digital commerce providers, was launched last November.

The Composable Commerce Hub powered the movement to make Composable Commerce accessible to all brands, not just those with large, experienced technology teams, by providing everything commerce teams need to compose, launch, and optimize their commerce experiences with speed and ease.

Today, more than 25 technology providers and system integrators have joined this movement including Algolia, Amplience, Bloomreach, Born, Bounteous, Contentful, DigiCommerce, Jetti, Myplanet, TA Digital, ObjectEdge, PayPal, and Stripe.

This year we’ve seen the addition of 14 Pre-Composed SolutionsTM. For those unfamiliar with the term, Pre-Composed SolutionsTM are fully business-ready solutions, which combine Elastic Path commerce capabilities, with partner integrations, and key customizations so that brands can launch fast and customize on-demand, without the complexity of stitching together numerous parts.

Here are a few highlighted solutions:

  • Pre-Composed SolutionTM for D2C Web: A complete solution that eliminates the risk of headless commerce and enables D2C brand to rapidly launch and optimize highly differentiated digital experiences. This solution is built by Myplanet and pre-integrates Elastic Path Commerce Cloud with Amplience, Algolia, Google Analytics, Dynamic Yield, and Segment. See a demo.

  • Pre-Composed SolutionTM for B2B Commerce: A business-ready solution proving a quick start to rapidly launch complex B2B experiences. This solution, developed in partnership with DigiCommerce, combines core B2B functionality from Elastic Path Commerce Cloud with pre-build digital experiences for B2B buyers and sellers. Watch the demo.

  • Pre-Composed SolutionTM for Subscriptions: A complete subscription management solution for brands who want to create and customize personalized subscription services to their unique product requirements and customer needs.

    This solution, developed by Pixie Labs, is built on top of Elastic Path Commerce Cloud and is pre-integrated with Stripe, Postmark, and an analytics dashboard built by Pixie Labs. Join us on December 14th at 11:30 AM ET to see a live demo of this solution. Save your seat.

  • Pre-Composed SolutionTM for Rapid D2C: This solution gives brands the flexibility and speed (with a 90-day launch guarantee) to easily launch their unique D2C experiences including emerging channels such as social, chat-bot, voice assistants, digital shopping malls and the Internet of Things (IoT).

    Also known as CommerceFactory, this solution is built by TA Digital and is pre-integrated with Acquia, Elastic Search, CyberSource or Stripe, Avalara, and Vertex. See a demo.

Need a subscription management solution?

Join industry experts live to see first hand how you can easily create unique, personalized subscription services in our upcoming webinar.

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Beyond launching Pre-Composed SolutionsTM, customers are experiencing the benefits. A large-scale publisher was able to launch a new subscription service in just 27 days. Teilor, a luxury jewelry brand, brought their personalized, engaging in-store experience online using the Pre-Composed SolutionTM for D2C Commerce built by Myplanet. We look forward to the next year of growth for the Composable Commerce Hub. If you would like to get involved with the Composable Commerce Hub, check out this blog post.