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Elastic Path Reinvents Vendor Marketplace to Unlock Benefits of Composable Commerce Movement


Built for brands driving unique digital commerce strategies, the Composable Commerce Hub provides the first and only open exchange of business solutions powered by an ecosystem of leading digital commerce providers.


Boston, Mass. Nov 17, 2020 - Elastic Path, the leading Headless Commerce provider for digitally-driven brands, today launched a next generation marketplace called the Composable Commerce Hub. The Composable Commerce Hub is the first and only open exchange of business solutions powered by an ecosystem of leading digital commerce providers. This open exchange empowers brands to unlock the full benefits of the Composable Commerce movement by providing everything eCommerce teams need to quickly and easily “compose,” launch, and continuously optimize unique, revenue-driving digital commerce experiences.

Composable Commerce has emerged as the leading approach for brands that believe digital commerce differentiation is critical to their growth strategy –driven by the rigidity of traditional eCommerce platforms, like Magento, Shopify, and Salesforce, which prevents brands from innovating and quickly adjusting to changing market and customer needs. However, many eCommerce software vendors only focus on the underlying MACH-based technology building blocks (microservices, APIs, cloud, and headless). While these are important ingredients to a Composable Commerce strategy, given their flexibility and modularity, they do not provide the full solution the business needs and can seem risky and unproven. As a result, brands striving to deliver unique commerce experiences face a precarious decision –play it safe with a traditional commerce platform or accept the risk of stitching together technology building blocks on their own.

"As more B2B businesses embrace eCommerce, and as the lines between traditional B2B and B2C business models become increasingly blurred, organizations need to rethink their tech stack. Flexibility and agility are key,” said Brian Beck, Author, "Billion Dollar B2B Ecommerce" and Managing Partner, Enceiba. “I have seen some of the more traditional, rigid ‘platform’ approaches struggle to adapt to the unique eCommerce requirements of B2B organizations. The Composable Commerce approach holds the promise of allowing brands to gain greater control over how they deliver eCommerce initiatives with complex requirements and multiple routes to market, and do so in an agile manner."

The Composable Commerce Hub enables any brand, regardless of their technical expertise, to deliver innovative digital commerce experiences by quickly and easily “composing” the full solution that meets their unique requirements, so they never have to compromise between control and confidence again.  When combined with the industry-leading Headless Commerce Platform capabilities from Elastic Path, this open exchange of business solutions from eCommerce software vendors, Systems Integrators, and leading global brands provides everything eCommerce teams need to rapidly deliver unique digital commerce experiences. The Composable Commerce Hub provides two types of solution offerings: Pre-Composed Solutions™ and Accelerators.

Pre-Composed Solutions™ are fully business-ready solutions, which combine Elastic Path commerce capabilities, partner integrations, and key customizations so that brands can launch fast and customize on-demand, without the complexity of stitching together numerous parts. A global sewing machine manufacturer recently implemented a Pre-Composed Solution from TA Digital called CommerceFactory. According to their CIO, "Of the 15-plus launches I’ve been part of during my career, this was one of the best!”. Other Pre-Composed Solutions™ providers include Born, Bounteous, Myplanet, and Object Edge.

For brands who want to compose their own solution, but don’t want to bear the burden of building everything from scratch, as is required with other headless commerce software vendors, the Composable Commerce Hub offers a vast library of Accelerators that allow for seamless customization.

  • Partner integrations empower brands to work within their existing ecosystem or expand their technology partner relationships to build best-of-breed solutions. Including integrations from Algolia, Amplience, Fluent, inRiver, Bloomreach, Coveo, Nortal, Sutrix, Contentful, Hycom, Perficient, Bounteous, DigiCommerce, PayPal, and Jetti.
  • Reference Applications, or “heads,” serve as a guide for omnichannel experiences so brands can easily launch across specific touchpoints.
  • Pre-built Extensions make it easy to quickly customize and extend Elastic Path business logic and data models to meet unique requirements

“With two decades of experience, enabling mission-critical eCommerce for some of the world's largest and most innovative brands, we have seen first-hand the challenges brands encounter with when trying to innovate,” said Jamus Driscoll, Chief Executive Officer at Elastic Path. “We listened, and we believe the Composable Commerce Hub fundamentally fills the missing link brands need to innovate fast and achieve their full digital commerce potential."

The Composable Commerce Hub offers an ever-growing library of certified and community assets, and is live as of today for customers and partners to leverage. To learn more or to contribute assets to this open exchange, visit the Composable Commerce Hub.

Elastic Path is the company powering mission-critical digital commerce for the world’s leading brands, such as Tesla, Intuit, Pella, T-Mobile, and over 250 other leading enterprises. As relentless innovators, Elastic Path pioneered the Headless Commercespace in 2011 and spearheaded Composable Commerce in 2020. Elastic Path provides industry-leading headless commerce solutions for digitally-driven brands to rapidly build, deploy, and continuously optimize highly differentiated commerce experiences. Elastic Path is a global company with offices in Boston, Newcastle, Reading, Toronto, and Vancouver. Learn more at