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Jun 1, 2021 | 3 minute read

How You Can Contribute to the Composable Commerce Hub

written by Sinisa Nojkovic

Your ability to create unique commerce experiences is crucial for keeping up with customer needs and outpacing the competition. But, creating “best-for-me" commerce solutions that power delightful customer experiences is easier said than done. This need is exactly why Elastic Path advocates for Composable Commerce. Composable Commerce is an approach that enables marketing, merchandising, and sales teams to bring their brand's unique digital vision to life by launching and continuously optimizing digital commerce experiences that leverage multiple best-of-breed vendors composed together into a complete, business-ready solution.

In an effort to make Composable Commerce more accessible, Elastic Path created the Composable Commerce Hub, our re-invention of the traditional vendor marketplace. The Composable Commerce Hub is home to a variety of assets from integrations, to reference experiences and business-ready Pre-Composed Solutions™. The majority of these assets are created and shared by our partner community.  As a partner-first organization, Elastic Path strives to make it easy for our technology partners to contribute assets to the Composable Commerce Hub. By joining the Composable Commerce Hub partners gain exposure within our customer and prospect community and can partner with more branded manufacturers to compose their complete commerce solution.

The Elastic Path Alliances team is committed to providing resources needed by our partners to move fast and reliably succeed in creating certifiable Composable Commerce assets. While we keep the touchpoints light to respect partners’ desire for process independence, we are always ready to offer help with technical questions, marketing programs, and go-to-market activities when needed.

The asset contribution process starts with the Asset Contribution Kickoff session involving technical and business members of the Elastic Path Partner Solutions and Enablement team and representatives of the contributing partner organization. The purpose of this session is to initiate the contribution process, inform the contributing partner of the resources available in Elastic Path to support their effort, as well as to clarify the asset contribution and certification process steps. Steps on the way to asset certification include optional Ideation and design workshops, which are customizable consulting sessions aimed at helping the contributing partner development teams with design or development issues they might encounter in building the asset.

In order to be certified, the asset has to comply with a number of design, technical, and support requirements. To ensure successful compliance, the contributing partners are provided with the Asset Contribution Guide at the outset. The Asset Contribution Guide contains all the necessary information needed to ensure the development of an asset certifiable by Elastic Path.

The Composable Commerce Hub Asset Certification Evaluation is a step in the process whereby Partner Support & Enablement technical specialists evaluate the submitted finished asset. When an asset is submitted for certification, it also triggers corresponding parallel go-to-market activities coordinated by Elastic Path Alliances and Marketing teams. If the submitted asset passes the evaluation, assuming a positive outcome of the go-to-market process, the asset is listed on Elastic Path’s Composable Commerce Hub as a certified asset.

To ensure the long-term viability of assets listed on the Composable Commerce Hub, we are introducing the Asset Re-certification process. For assets developed for Elastic Path Commerce product, the re-certification process is driven by the version changes in the Elastic Path Commerce product and is aimed at ensuring compatibility with the latest version of Elastic Path Commerce. For assets developed for Elastic Path Commerce Cloud product, an asset certification process is an annual event. Upkeep and maintenance of listed assets are critical not just for the long-term viability of the asset itself, but for the credibility and prominence of the contributing partner as well.

If you have an idea for an asset you would like to contribute to the Composable Commerce Hub, contact us here to get started.