B2B Commerce Study

Purpose Built eCommerce Software is the Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Is the quality of your B2B commerce experience costing you revenue? Get the report.

If it isn’t yet, it could be very soon. The heightened demand for seamless commerce experiences is not only a problem for B2C organizations anymore. Neither is Amazon bearing down on market share.

B2B commerce organizations are arguably in a tougher spot though. Unlike B2C commerce leaders, they are without a purpose-built platform to serve the intricate and unique needs of B2B commerce.

To get a deeper understanding of this and other complexities plaguing B2B commerce organizations, we surveyed 300 B2B eCommerce decision-makers to find:

  • 45% say they have lost a customer due to the quality of their commerce experience.
  • 52% believe Amazon Business poses a significant threat to their companies.
  • 57% believe the digitization of commerce will cause their companies to decrease the number of salespeople they employ.

Read the report to see the full B2B commerce picture, understand which technologies will be key to revolutionizing the experience and learn how a purpose-built B2B commerce solution can solve the B2B commerce puzzle for your organization.